Principal planets for marital relations and sexual relationship is Venus (for male nativity – representing woman in man’s chart – love/emotional desire leading to bhog) and Mars (for female nativity – representing man in woman’s life – energy/vigour).

Hence for sexual problems (at root of majority of marital disorders) are represented by Venus / Mars (for male and female nativities respectively).

For the purpose of our understanding – Retrograde Mars / Venus means – (a) retrogression in both natal/progression; or  (b) direct in natal and retrograde in progression

Retrograde Venus/Mars puts native a few steps ahead in terms of social conduct (sort of few drinks ahead).

Retrograde Mars in female nativity makes one frigid or to the other extreme (of animal instinct in terms of sex drive) without any normal course (middle path). Essentially it means that either such woman may detest any intimate relationship with man or they will have extreme sex drive. These woman may be having married life (even with children), but their husbands may be running with other woman for dissatisfaction. Please note that retrogression doesn’t deny/delay marriage (unless with other factors).

Research also suggest that woman may have extreme sexual behavior if her natal/progressed mars is stationery or in slow down period before retrograde motion.

Venus represents feeling judgment and native’s value judgement (attraction / repulsion; like/dislike; love / hate ).

Just like Mars for female nativity, retrograde venus can too cause havoc in sexual life of male nativity (nullifying sex or too extreme sex drive).

If afflicted by Saturn/Mars/Uranus/Neptune etc – it make one even homosexual. Research also suggest that man may have extreme sexual behavior if his natal/progressed mars is stationery or in slow down period before retrograde motion. With affliction in H12 / Neptune etc, it can also lead to addiction like drugs/alcohol etc. If retrograde Venus has hard aspects with Sat/Mars/Uranus/Neptune then such natives may have violent behavior for sex (sort of character of a rapist).

Retrograde Venus may also hint at renouncing physical love and retreat into religious life (if other factors in chart supporting it).

Venus will render different results – if behind Sun (inferior conjunction with Sun) or if ahead of Sun (superior conjunction with Sun).


Any planet being retrograde during the native’s birth indicates that the planet and the things it rules in his life are strongly connected with previous lives through karma.

As Venus is the planet responsible for the person’s feelings of affection, such a natal condition makes him radiate its energies towards the inner world of the native, instead of manifesting in the material reality. Thus, this can create problematic situations; the person finds difficulty in expressing love towards others. He will frequently reconsider before releasing his emotions for another person. This pattern can lead to repressing feelings and keep them buried inside for a long time. Of course, this can be utterly unhealthy; when love is not externalized, it can manifest as an emotional cancer. When all these positive feelings are obstructed from flowing, they can even have psycho-somatic effects on the native’s body. In addition, when they reach a critical point and overflow, their expression can be explosive. This is not bad by itself, yet they can be directed towards the first random person that appears in the native’s love life. And of course, nobody can guarantee that this would be the right person to direct such feelings. On a personal level, the native may feel like exiting from a prison and not caring where he is heading to. On the other hand, this can lead to wrong choices concerning the person’s love life.

A Venus retrograde person has karmic debts concerning love from previous lifetimes. They can have experienced traumatic events concerning affection, which lead them to be quite careful in their approach during this lifetime. The quest to reach healthy ways of experiencing the virtues of love will be their most important life lesson. They will have to break down their internal walls and open up to give and receive love, even if this means risking getting hurt again. In some occasions, money and belongings become the tool that a Venus retrograde person will use for drawing other people towards him. His insecurity may make him feel unwanted for what he is, so he instead considers attracting people for what he has to offer. In such circumstances, the native will frequently make gifts, pay for the other person and generally try to buy the other’s affection. Of course, this can be even risky for attracting people that hunt for money and benefits, tending to manipulate others for their own purposes.

As Venus is the natural ruler of the 2nd and the 7th house, the retrograde motion of the planet may affect the native’s approach to matters of these houses too. He may have delays and obstructions in creating his own fortune or getting married. The absence of self-consciousness can impact in making him a late bloomer. In addition, he will frequently save money for the “rainy days” and be rather secretive about his income and belongings. Also, he usually judges himself depending on how much money he has. There can be fears concerning material stability, while also possible repulsion towards marriage.

Venus Retrograde happens every 18 months with one stationary day, before and after retrogression.
During retrograde, Venus can also get combust due to closer proximity with Sun.
Venus being retrograde in natal chart indicates emotional frustrations, love failures and loneliness.
These people feel that they are not loved by any and develop frustration.
They cannot adjust to external conditions and also cannot enjoy simple things liked by others, like music, art, humour, nature, relations etc.

Often, they are blamed to be straight-forward, truthful, blunt. They lack charm, spontaneity, tact and adaptability.
These people are subjective in emotional, social and romantic affairs.
During transit Venus Retrograde periods, they find themselves restricted, slowed or tied down in love, financial and all materialistic affairs.
Few of them express unconventional love and can sacrifice their love for sake of religion or society.
They have idealistic views and imaginations about love, sex, marriage, children, family, money etc.
Most of them stick to customs and values which are unimportant to others.

Love failures or Heart Breaks can be caused by any planet, but people born with retrograde Venus will struggle to come out of a broken affair and find new love.
They remain stuck in their imaginary ideal love and blame society for being too materialistic.

If Venus retrograde is in your chart, you have difficulty connecting with your soul mate and sustaining intimate relationships.
You seek fulfillment from your partner but always come up short. In a past life, there were external forces beyond your control to keep you and your lover apart; thus, you never learned how to conduct a mature, productive relationship.
Try to focus on what you really want in a relationship and consider your choice of partners carefully.
Also, look within yourself and ponder what you give back to your partner. Search for ways to improve the gifts you share.


The effect of Venus retrograde can be disastrous/maraculous to a happy married life, with of course, depending on its position in the Chart, being of paramount importance. As Venus slowly turns retrograde, the person gradually gets disinterested in sexual activities.(Could be other way also depending on its position in Chart, Timing, Transit etc). Venus seems to work alike in all signs when retrograde. It affects men particularly more than women.
Venus retrogression is related to luxuries in life, as well as our relationships with near and dear ones. If the transit of Venus is in retrograde motion, we should be thoughtful about all the relationships we are living, and the way we relate to others. It is also the time we should reconsider our material gains in life. The extent or type of influence of Venus retrogression depends upon its position in our charts. But nevertheless, it is the time to be watchful, as it is a period for strong emotional ups and downs.

If Venus is retrograde in the natal chart, it can indicate emotional and material difficulties (in case it is badly placed). If its well placed, it indicates extreme emotional attractions and repulsions. The result will always be a far cry from normal.
A person with retrograde Venus would generally show the following tendencies, particularly if the placement in Chart is not conducive.

a) Reconsiders before expressing love or affection
b) Relates awkwardly to others
c) Doubts the love others offer
d) Can become obsessed in relationships
e) Feels let down by the commitment level of others

Venus involves pleasure, love, romance, relaxation, aesthetics, peaceful feelings, harmony, money, and values. Venus tends to work by attraction. Approximately every eighteen months or so, Venus slips into retrograde for about six weeks. While Venus is retrograde, you are more likely to find your ability to attract what you want restricted or inhibited, conversely it can/may increase as well depending on the placement in the chart. You could find yourself much more concerned with achieving or maintaining external beauty, your flow of ready cash, questioning your ideas of pleasure, aesthetics, or even revaluating your feelings about romantic relationships.

A natal Venus retrograde can cause you difficulty achieving fulfillment or finding your right romantic partner. You may be more in love with your ideas about love than you are with any real person you know. In karmic terms, you need to complete a life lesson about giving and receiving love and affection. You are here to determine what is truly of value to you and learn about creating a balance of give and take in your romantic life. Your romantic dialogue has a tendency to be far too internal at times, causing you to inhibit the flow of good things into your life. You will have to be willing to experience loving and being loved in order to attract what you desire into your life and create the feelings of security you need.


Natal Venus retrograde suggests you have some difficulty in giving and receiving love and affection. You may experience sadness in love or have to endure hardship or delay. Lack of self-love, social anxiety, shyness and even financial hardship are associated with Venus retrograde in your birth chart.

Often these challenges are a result of past life relationship issues. Due to the laws of karma, if you caused suffering or hardship to a lover in an earlier life, you shall experience something similar yourself during this life. Venus retrograde acts like Mars so perhaps you hurt someone you loved. Maybe you had an affair, walked out when they needed you most, or physically injured them.

Whatever happened in past romances, you come into this life with those bad memories etched in your soul. You probably don’t recognize them as memories but as déjà vu or unexplained guilt. Especially when young, there can be a repeating theme of challenging events related to your past.

Sadness and disappointment may come from unrequited love, forced marriage, sexual abuse, mental illness or physical disability. Learning to love yourself is critical in working through your Venus in retrograde issues.



Retrograde Mars people need to find healthy ways of externalizing their anger and temperament, otherwise various issues can occur. Working out and taking part in athletic activities is a great way to empower the Martian energy and bring some balance between your inner self and the outer world. Most people have more than one planet retrograde in their natal chart, and it is rather difficult to find a person that has all his natal planets direct. Therefore, we should understand that the karmic connection to previous lives is a rule affecting most of the population, and should be regarded as a tool to understand ourselves.

As Mars rules the raw and masculine energy, Mars retrograde in natal may indicate problems with self-confidence. Especially in the natal chart of a male person, this natal condition may feel detrimental concerning his sexual drive, while also the will to fight, compete and succeed.

A Mars retrograde male will rather be shy, avoiding doing the first step in order not to experience failure. During their young ages, such natives might not like sports or other activities considered to be masculine. This can have been a reason for separation from the normal groups of males, which in turn can create feelings of isolation and being unpopular in the female population.

Women that have their Mars retrograde will experience the exact opposite: they are attracted to men that are not of the usual strong and manly stereotype. Such women usually become the dominant person in their relationships. There is a high possibility that during their previous lifetimes, they were of a male gender, thus transferring such type of attributes towards the present one.


Mars Retrograde happens every alternate year and stays for about 8 months, including its stationary period.
Retrograde Mars in horoscope indicates desires and actions delayed by uncertainities, lack of oppurtunity or unfavourable circumstances.
Their physical energy and vitality will always remain low.
They will never rise to meet the challenge when required.
They will be cautious and circumspect in taking action. They are even called stubborn and unyielding.
Before making any commitment, they want to make sure about every detail of what they are doing. This will save them from unpleasant results of implusive decisions.

Impotence in Men, frigidity in women are commonly seen.
This also happens due to practice of unnatural vices like frequent fasting, excess involvement in religious or spiritual activities etc.
Such people leave the undertaken task unfinished, if they find any indication of purpose not being fulfilled.
Due to their recapitulative nature, they are very good at planning and organizing.
They can do well in science, research or medical field.
They have the tendency to suppress anger and other natural desires.
This leads to negative psychological consequences and a disintegrating effect upon attitude towards life.
This suppression of anger usually leads to upset stomach, acidity and other digestive tract related complications.

In your past life you may have been a soldier in the military or an occult practitioner and performed regrettable acts under someone else’s orders. The anguish and the guilt this experience caused has left you crippled when it comes to dealing properly with your anger. Oftentimes you’re not even sure where your anger comes from, but it is released hastily, harshly and inappropriately.
Relaxation and focusing techniques will help you get through this tangled web, as will some inward examination on the forces that rile your blood in this life.



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Venus (Shukra) in Vedic Astrology – Part I Venus in Signs

Retrograde Mars in any Vedic Astrology Horoscope is an indication that the individual has misused the Mars energy present in his Birth chart. The energy associated with Mars can either be used in a positive and assertive actions or in areas dealing with sexual enjoyment, temper and violence. The position of Retrograde Mars in houses and signs will determine the role of Mars.

Negative qualities of Mars may include an animalistic nature,extra sensuality, a hasty,passionate and violent temper. Negative Mars -direct or retrograde give the native a very offensive style and nature and it also makes him injury and accident prone. It also affirms impatience, irritation and harshness.

Retrograde Mars in Various Houses:

First (1st) House:

Retrograde Mars with negative aspect in the 1st house makes the native very aggressive, arrogant, emotional and very antagonistic in his relationships. The zodiac sign here would then determine the type of his/her personality. Personality is the outer self and what the world thinks of the native; thus retrograde Mars tells us the negative traits of personality which will display itself throughout the native’s life as violent attitude, boldness of actions, waste of energy which may then be conducted in negative sexual lust.

Mars Retrograde can be visionary or uninspired. It denotes a personality who may not use his sexual energies positively.

Second House (2nd) House:

Mars – either retrograde or direct in the 2nd House indicates that the native has good aptitude of making great amount of money. Negative aspect of  Pluto on Retrograde Mars would mean that the native might get involved in criminal or sinful activities knowingly or unknowingly.

The native might be deceived in inheritance related issues. He could find him eliminated from a will which could be due to his harsh and egoistic attitude. The native should learn to use his energies to wealth and material security. Retrograde Mars in 2nd House warns the native that he should not prefer or promote himself at the expense of others. By acquiring financial securities through his own hard work and not depending on others, the native can be a self made man.

Third (3rd) House:

Retrograde Mars in 3rd house indicates a poor relationship of native with his siblings and other relatives. It indicates that the native is missing self discipline and had been a problem child in school. The native will never accepts directions of others in his life. This position of Retrograde Mars also indicates that the native has a weak communication skills. The native will always be a confused and furious and fighting with those around him.Due to his self love, he might be hated by his relatives and other people.

The lesson for the native here is to learn some respect for others. He should use his energies in mental pursuits or anything that requires research and study. The native should learn to be a bit diplomatic and must be cautious in his communications.

Fourth (4th) House:

Mars in the 4th House is forming a square with the 1st house which denotes personality, the native will possess negative traits of Retrograde Mars. The native will be a bit cruel and aggressive. The person wants control of everything in his hands. The person with Retrograde Mars in 4th house must have had a father with the same harsh attitude towards him(redemption!).

The lesson for the native is to develop peaceful home environment  He should treat all his family members happy and secure. He should try to reduce his aggressiveness.

Fifth (5th) House:

Retrograde Mars in the 5th House stresses the importance of three particular issues of this house: romance, children and pleasures. The native may try to use his life partner for his own self enjoyments. Leo is the ruler of this house and Leo loves to command and this trait of Leo is present in retrograde Mars in 5th House. It makes an square with the 2nd House which is ruled by Taurus which indicates   carnal desires on high. We should also evaluate the planets aspecting Retrograde Mars here very carefully as unusual sexual acts like rape, lesbianism, homosexuality, child abuse can be indicated depending upon the planet that aspects Retrograde Mars in 5th House.

The native also don’t like children. If Retrograde Mars is in any barren sign here, native might have problems in becoming a father or mother and he may be impotent.

As far as pleasures are concerned, the native must be following sexual desires. 5th House is directly opposite to the 11th House which relates to friends and social activities, therefore, the person would like people of similar attitude as himself.

Sixth (6th) House:

Retrograde Mars in the sixth house highlights issues of health, public and work. Retrograde Mars will mean that the native will be of ill-health and will be prone to injuries. He will have a weak immune system (depends on the sign on the cusp). Aspects of other planets with Retrograde Mars will point to the kind of diseases the native is likely to suffer from.

The native might use his position and power for his own promotion, degrading others in the process. The native should try to take care of his physical health. He should follow a healthy lifestyle that involves regular exercises. He should be diplomatic in his relations with public and should develop patience and respect for others.

Seventh (7th) House:

Again, Retrograde Mars in the house of marriage and partnership denotes the desire of complete control in partnerships and marriage and the native wants everything done according to his own wish, not taking into consideration the desires of his partner. The native might have married just because of physical attraction or for the urge of sexual passion. Marriage will be based on one-sided violence and arguments.

The native will not be honest in his business dealings and will be very aggressive with his partners. Mars also rules theft so there is a possibility of cheating in partnerships which will bring losses, frustration and clash among partners.

The native should listen to the needs of his partners and should be honest in his dealings. He should base his marriage on kindness and affection rather than sexual passion.

Eighth (8th) House:

8th House is ruled by Scorpio which denotes regeneration. The native might end his jobs and friendships e.t.c because of his arguments and anger. The native might be interested in astrology and metaphysics. In this lifetime, his honesty will be tested and he may become treasurer of any organization e.t.c. The native has ability to develop his spirituality and if he works seriously he can overcome all his negative traits through the use of spirituality.

Ninth (9th) House:

Retrograde Mars in 9th House indicates extreme views about religion that he will not accept any one else’s comments on this topic. His philosophy is based on violence and aggressive nature and he cares little for others. 9th House forms a square with the 12th House which means that the individual, because of his impatience and absurd deeds was detained. The aspects of other planets will tell us whether he was detained in prison due to crime or in hospital due to his impatience. Impact of Pluto will be criminal while negative impact of mercury will be mental disturbances.

The native should learn to respect the religious beliefs of others and should have a more polite and loving philosophy of life. He should respect the rights of other people.

Tenth(10th) House:

Tenth (10th) house is the house of career and Retrograde Mars here means that the native has always tried to run away from his responsibilities of his jobs. He might have used his power at work for his own benefits. As a result, he will lose his reputation at work and his superiors will not be happy with him.

If Retrograde Mars is in Scorpio, Pisces or Gemini, the native could be a surgeon or physician who only works for his name rather than for humanity. The native could be very sadistic with his patients. The native should work with honesty and should not work for fame as this is not the purpose of life. Fame should always be a side effect.

Eleventh (11th) House:

Retrograde Mars in 11th House indicates that the native had relationships with inferior people and he had placed importance on external features while making friends. The aspects of other planets will determine whether the friendship was for sex or just for drinking wildly.

If Mars is Retrograde in Pisces, it shows less importance of friends in native’s life. If its in Leo, it shows that the native always demands full control over friends and dictates them. If its in Cancer, it means the native wants to be involved in the personal matters of friends.

Twelfth (12th) House:

12th house is the opposite of 6th House and retrograde Mars here means that the native is his own worst enemy. He always wasted his energies and never makes proper use of it. If Leo is on the cusp of 12th house, it means the native will be very arrogant and always wants to be the center of attention. The native might fail to achieve his goals that he has set for himself. He will not use his expertise for the benefits of others. Due to this, he will suffer many losses and disappointing in life.


Mars the warrior planet doesn’t go backward so often. Once in every two years Mars becomes Retrograde for approximately 2 months 2 weeks. This is a rare incident in Astrology. So many people in this world are gona have Retrograde Mars in horoscope. Where ever the Retrograde planet sits that house gets maximum emphasization rather than the lordship.

Any planet when goes Retrograde, there are four stages of it.
1. While going direct to Rx it becomes stationary for a while – Planet becomes very strong with its natural signification.
2. After this stationary planet goes retrograde for a while
3. Finally before going retrograde to direct it becomes stationary for a while again
4. Finally the planet goes direct from that final stationary position.

The entire process is called “Retrograde Loop”.

Mars : Initiative, action, aggression, forceful, anger, impulsive, quarrel, fight, courage, energy level, assertive, passion, sex drive, ambition, determination etc.

  • Mars denotes taking initiative for anything or everything, When that Mars is retrograde in horoscope, person takes lots of time in taking first step for anything. Just too much thinking before taking the first move. Hence work will be delayed for sure.
  • Mars makes a person ‘Go Getter type’, with Retrograde Mars person will never have that urge to finishup things or taking faster initiative to achieve something.
  • Mars Retrograde in chart will give lots of time to build up own courage before jumping for anything. Determination will be missing to reach his goal which can give frustration at times.
  • We need Martian power to overcome obstacles, our enemy, win the fight or competitive exams etc. So to be on that winning spirit or warrior attitude Mars Retrograde people will have to fight first with the inner self then they will slowly show the action to the other world.
  • Mars is Rebellious but With Retrograde Mars in horoscope they first rebel with inner self. Native will fight with his conscious, will power to blame for anything or to punish for his action.
  • When Martian energy will be twisted, then obviously person will be emotionally doomed most of the time, so Mars Retrograde actually finds it difficult to come out of that emotional foggy state of mind and take any action promptly like any other normal person.
  • Mars gives high sex drive; If your Mars is Retrograde then it will be hard to be satisfied with physical pleasure.
  • As Mars gives self-reliance, with Retrograde Mars person will not be having much reliance on himself, he will be relying on others more to work for him or to take action, initiave for him. You cant fine putting gun on other’s shoulder, so they are timid and afraid to take step ahead.
  • When it comes to anger and aggression, Person with Mars retrograde will never express his anger directly. He may cut his own hand or torture himself rather showing it to others. In short they are directionless at times.
    When should you make the first move? When should you hold back? Mars retrograde is never sure, and sometimes you may have been too aggressive, or not aggressive enough.
  • Mars Denotes Masculine energy at times Mars retrograde people has tough time showing their masculine side of characteristics. Mars Retrograde doesn’t mean native has no masculine power, or he is feminine, its just that he finds tough to express it.
  • Retrograde Mars tells us all about the fear of taking instant, impulsive and assertive action to move ahead as that fear comes from the past life for taking wrong action impulsively which Mars doesn’t wana repeat anymore. Hence lots of dilemma.