Venus also rules wealth (cash/shares), share business, gambling, racing etc (in addition to significations like music, luxury, ornaments, beauty, sexual pleasure etc). Venus in Virgo (also like debilitated in Taurus / Capricorn) in debilitation under aspect of Sat works like exalted. 

Venus significator of Marriage (incl type of partner, happiness, opportunity, obstacle etc) is best placed if not in Deva signs (of sun, moon,Mars,Jup) and not having adjacent Deva planets. Venus in Deva sign with adjacent sun n Moon hint at unhappy marriage. Also Jup+Venus+Mars (ruling husband) often causes separation, death of spouse, husband having affair etc in female nativity. So is Deva planets in 4/7/10 to Venus (e.g. Mars, Jup in square to Venus/Venus+Sun)

Effects of Venus in Various Signs

Venus in fiery/masculine/moveable sign Aries– passionate, demanding, restless, sexually attractive, affectionate, generous, optimistic, artistic, impulsive, rash, extravagant. Delicate Venus is burnt in aggressive/fiery/passionate Mars for female nativity hurting marriage. For Male nativity higher inclination towards women/sex (incl adultery); hasty marriages, domestic unhappiness etc. With afflicted Venus – more harm to reputation, popularity, property etc

Venus in earthy, fixed sign Taurus – usually dignified, conservative, wealthy, loyal/lasting marriage, practical love life, fond of beauty/luxury, inheritance happy domestic life. If afflicted – delayed marriage, troubled love, immorality, losses.

Venus in airy/masculine/common sign Gemini (intellect) – mental love lacking passion/consistency, poetic romance, flirtation, relationship more for common interests; pleasure/gains from travel, writing, art; popular. If afflicted fickle mind, multiple affairs, over sexed.

Venus in Royal, watery, moveable, fruitful sign Cancer – responsive emotions, domesticated (sacrifices/unconditional), love, loyal, refined, soft; several/secret affairs, seeks matured/motherly partner; timid. Protective, popular, gains from liquid, lands, art. if afflicted in Cancer risk of being cheated, lunacy, delayed marriage/children, loans, connection with ill repute women, danger from spirits, easily succumb to depression (motherly complex). Being Deva sign, Venus has certain negative qualities too

Venus in fiery, masculine, royal, fixed, barren, creative sign Leo – limitless / idealistic / assertive love, kind, charitable, faithful, warm hearted. May marry in aristocratic family; often disappointed in love; dramatization; gains from creative works / education/speculation, gains from people in authority; possible marriage with friends. Venus in Deva sign Leo does get burnt. If afflicted – marital problems, excessive sexual pleasures, losses from speculation etc.

Venus in earthy, feminine, common, barren, intellectual sign Virgo – (Deb) – lack of expression in love, often misunderstood; seeks mental love; over thinking often delays marriage; dual/secret affairs, love with inferior(H6). Gains from serving profession; very kind boss, often good in serving people esp in medical care. Usually wealthy. If afflicted – excessive platonic love (lack of sex)- causing marital issues; homosexuality, dishonor for sinful acts (incl secret/illicit/lowly/dual affairs).

Virgo Asc, Venus there Deb – Lord of H2/9. Now with Sat aspect will work as exalted for both L2/9 for first half of life. Second half will work as in original position of debilitation.

Venus in airy, moveable, semi fruitful, masculine sign Libra (moolatrikona)- attractive, passionate, warm, sensuous lovers; quick/short affairs; social, conciliatory, diplomatic; fond of art/music/beautification; if afflicted – adulterous, oversexed, scandalous, defamation

Venus in watery, fixed, feminine, fruitful Scorpio (secretive, intense) – trickiest placement; intensely loving, sacrificial, over sexed, possessive, idealistic; may marry for money; gains from inheritance (often delayed); generous, strong willed/determined, sharp, rich, usually material gains at extreme sorrow times(delayed); if afflicted – violence, revengeful, excessive physical gratification in marriage/love; defamation for secret/lowly/wicked affairs, adulterous, unusual sex; betrayal, loss of partner(death/divorce)

Venus in Libra/Scorpio if severely afflicted (and no saving grace for benefic association) have high risks for marital troubles (divorces, death of spouse), adulterous relationship; death by suicide/murder(incl poisoning); defamation, loss of reputation etc.

Venus in Sagittarius (fiery, common, masculine, semifruitful, idealistic sign) – deep affairs but poor marriage, disillusion for hypersensitivity/idealism; emotionally impulsive, fickle; better lover/friend; love travel, benevolent, kind, generous, refined mind, leaning to culture, beauty, nature, art; gainful marriage, high status/wealth/respect; happy family. If afflicted multiple marriages (divorces/separation), secret affairs/adultery

Venus in Capricorn (earthy, moveable, feminine, practical/materialistic sign ruled by restrictive, cold Saturn)- love is more of duty and for status/money/position than pure emotions; poor expression of love so disappointments; ambitious, prudent, hard working towards material gains/status/power, influential friends; poor inclinations for art/beauty. If afflicted – secret/lowly affairs, homosexuality, jealous, loss through partners/subordinates, heriditory diseases

Venus in Aquarius (airy, barren, fixed, masculine, idealism, philosophical) – love more of idea than emotions, rebellious against restrictive norms, suddenness/unpredictable in love affairs, late marriage; philosophical love, social work. inferior (in terms of wealth/status) yet sincere/loyal friends, intuitive, unconventional, fanatically sincere to conviction, gains from friends/partners/investments. If afflicted – loss through deception/friends, failure/frustrated love/domestic life

Venus not considered very good from emotional expression / love life perspective -in Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius. They may be materially very successful, but may have fragile love/married/domestic life. If afflicted then worse for failed love, adultery, homosexuality

Venus in Pisces (watery, feminine, fruitful, common sign) – strong/deep/destined love (though needs stimulation), sensitive and compassionate, self-sacrificing/selfless (sorrowful for H12), music lover, desirous of luxury/comforts; exalted, moves towards universal love; if afflicted secret affairs, delayed/lowly marriage, wife death for drowning, loss for bad company/cheating/fraud, lunacy, whimsical, debts, troubles for illegal marriage, addiction

Unlike other planets, Venus has huge variations in results for its placement from Sun and the relationship it forms with Deva planets. That’s the crux. Of course, there are seldom any absolute application of any dictum in 

These very standard results for blending of elements and natural significations without much reference to classics. These results will change significantly with secondary significations for lordship and other planets.