The planets ruling the signs of Rahu and Ketu are called the Controlling planets. Since Ketu is the inlet point of Karma, the planet ruling the sign of Ketu is called the past life Karmic Control. The planet ruling the sign of Rahu controls the Karmic Distribution Control. The controlling planets have strong implications depending upon where they fall in the chart and the aspects they make with the nodal axis. This aspect made by the controlling planet to the nodal axis is of great significance in Karmic understanding. Since the Nodes are in exact opposition, the aspects made by the planet to both the Nodes will always be complimentary. For all practical purposes, we should take the shortest or smallest aspect between the controlling planet and the Nodal axis.

Two nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu are the two points — representing cross roads on the fi elds of forces of the earth and the Moon and two points of disturbance. At the time of eclipse the light and other electromagnetic vibrations coming from the Moon or the Sun are cut off and normal arrangements, which obtain for the earth, are disturbed. Persons born during eclipse, due to this disturbance, have been found suffering mildly and sometimes seriously from mental abnormality and other physical ailments. Planetary influences are modified when they come in contact with Rahu and Ketu.

Rahu Ketu have twin purpose, one in the mundane life and another in the spiritual life but it is intertwined, like their shadowy nature. Their actions in the material realm are meant so that we change our thoughts and ideas about what we want and desire. What is darkness to a person enmeshed in materialistic ambitions can be powerful spiritual energy for those on the path of Moksha and spiritual enlightenment.

The nodes always serves opposing purposes- good and bad, lots and nothing, give and take. Rahu gives, Ketu takes back. The are no straight rules about them. They operate in so many different colours which can lead you to the highest spiritual pinnacle to the greatest financial achievements or vice versa. They can give contrary results. You can never give predictions dealing with surety.

They can create fear of the unknown. They can create sudden and unexpected results.

The saying is that Rahu Ketu always take away what they give because they have a special reason for granting you your wishes. To realize that what they give is not necessarily what you want once you have achieved it. They highlight dissatisfaction within ourselves.

Whenever Rahu’s in conjunction with any planet, it will enhance the influence and basic quality thereof — towards “Bhoga” and “Samgrah” while Ketu relieves from the basic quality of the conjunct planet i.e. “Moksha” or freedom from the bondage created by conjunct planet by taking away or distancing the Jeeva indicated by the conjunct planet and material prosperity relating there to. But it is said to increase intellectual properties of the planet to great heights, if permitted by horoscopic constraints.

Further by absorbing the results of the conjunct planet they give results of the conjunct planet, thereby virtually making the conjunct planet afflicted and weak from this point of view along with their capacity to afflict the Sun and the Moon; and they are taken to have comparatively stronger influence as compared to other planets. But while considering influence of Rahu and Ketu, one must consider their disposition for the planets ruling the signs of Rahu and Ketu are called “Karmic Controlling Planets”. It is said that since Ketu is inlet point of Karma, the planet ruling the sign of Ketu is called incoming, or past life, Karmic Control. The planet ruling the sign of Rahu controls Karmic distribution in this life. “Karmic Controlling Planets” have strong implications depending upon where they fall in the chart and the aspect they make with nodal axis.


Planets ruling the signs occupied by nodes are KCP – Karmic Controlling Planets. KCP planets in mutual conj and/or aspects is one of the most powerful raj yoga, though it runs the risk of destruction too.

KCP planets creates raj yoga with downfall (mostly self inflicted). Natal KCP planets in 6/8/12 houses with or without nodes, if afflicted in transit/natal can be disaster. Combo for assassination, murder, unnatural death etc.

KCP works as nodes being dispositions. Ketu as inlet of karma, rahu as karmic distribution planet so are respective KCP. Aspects and conj by KCP to other planets and Yogas are of great significance in Jyotish. It enhances yoga many times.

Ketu or it’s dispositor engaged/Conj in any Yoga will first give and then will destroy (mostly in second half). Rahu or it’s dispositor will give and boost only unless severely afflicted. KCP conj/mutual aspect itself is one of the most powerful raj yoga and if afflicted it will give first and then will destroy the native fatally.

6th house is karmic debt – which cannot be remedied. It’s karma(10th) from 9th and Bhagya of this life karma. 12th house is house of self undoing, regrets, hidden enemies, karmic Mystics. So Nodes or KCP in 6/12 houses are trickier and negative. Three watery signs – Cancer – sign/house of beginning n end of life, Scorpio sign/house of death, Pisces house of self undoing. Watery signs vulnerable to host rahu/Ketu and KCP in planets seldom good in 6/8/12, worse for nodes/KCP.

12th house / Pisces – residual karma of past life, so is its co-lord Neptune. Ketu indicates ripe karma with vengeance for manifestation – if conj / aspect by malefic in 4/6/8/12 houses – karmic explosion. So is Ketu’s dispositor. Ketu ripe karma to explode with vengeance is bad – more so if Mars conj Ketu as violent expression. KCP conj Ketu indicates unnatural untimely death esp if in H2/4/6/8/12.

Both KCP conj either Rahu or Ketu – unnatural death; if in 6/8/12 – murder/assassination. More so if such KCPs heavily afflicted or aspected by 8/12th lords. If KCP retrograde- heavy karmic load. If Nodes in 4/10th axis – denial of parental love/help/comfort also home. So is if KCP (incoming) – dispositor of Ketu. It could be for any reason. Also if KCP(incoming) or Ketu conj 4th lord.

If Ascendant Lord in 6/8/12th house with Node or KCP – risk of unnatural death. if KCP ( Karmic Control Planets – dispositor of Rahu/Ketu) are Lord of 6/8/12 houses too and are conj Rahu/ketu – may give unnatural and untimely death.

if ketu or KCP (incoming) in 10th house natally then poor second half of life, denies ever lasting prosperity, comfort etc. Tr Rahu over Natal Ketu OR Tr Ketu over Natal Rahu is like Short-circuit. Tricky transit to be dealt with care.

KCPs conj except in 6/8/12 is Raj yoga but with fall from position. However if Rahu/Ketu conj such KPCs then rise with destruction of native. Rahu conj planet enhances and Ketu conj planet destroys (first rise to be destroyed). So is for Rahu/Ketu in houses. However if ketu conj an exalted or own sign placed planet- it boosts the power of such planet multiple times for good or bad (generally good).

if KCPs have death inflicting powers for lordship of 2/3/6/7/8/11/12 etc or in 2/7 houses then too can cause unnatural death.

If KCPs conj node in 4th house – unnatural birth or death. 4th house is beginning and end of life.

Karmic Controlling Planet conj Rahu/Ketu does indicate tragic events. Nature of tragic events will depend upon signs/houses/constellations etc.

if Sun/Saturn are KCPs and are in opposition/conj will indicate unfulfilled ambition, frustrations, escapism, etc. Though such KCPs will give sudden rise, but then fall. Sun/Saturn being bitter enemy is the root cause.

Sun/moon conj node (Rahu or Ketu) is eclipse in the chart. Success after lots of hard work and struggle. Moon conj Rahu gives huge success, but after a struggle and hard work. Sun conj Ketu is trickier as Ketu tends to suck Sun as well as the house. Sun in challenging aspects from Rahu (square) – too sucks ego, renders frustrations etc.

KCPs conj is one of the most powerful Raj yoga (if not in 6/8/12), but it also destroys or give fall at the peak of the glory. If such yoga joins Lord of Kendra/trikon(Trine) then power of Raj yoga multiplies.

Sun-Saturn conj/opposition – is bad combination as either native or his father can grow/prosper, not both. They carry past life enmity. So Son can prosper only once his father dies, or Son moves away from parents. If both KCP then fall after rise.

Moon-Saturn conj/opposition , native rise only after death of mother or once he moves away from mother. This combo indicates past life enmity b/w them to destroy one of both. If KCP, then fall after rise.

In Astrology nodes have their own karmic patterns and way to act… because god has selected one demon Swarbhanu and converted that demon into two parts so that god can use that two body parts as Karmic planets known as Rahu and Ketu.

As per ancient text Rahu and Ketu are Demon, and Demon always wants everything, all material things and love to snatch, so when lord Vishnu has beheaded throat of Swarbhanu so along with the body cut, nature has also been got divided into two parts, Rahu love all the material things and wants everything, and Ketu loves snatching everything from the person. Rahu and Ketu are known as shadow planets in Vedic astrology.

Rahu and Ketu are known as biggest destroyer and always act like Saturn and killer mars, because killing in a nature of demon and both are the part of one Demon body and still have Demon qualities…Demons are always very moody when they are happy so give you everything but if not happy so going to kill you directly.

If Rahu and Ketu is not favorable in the horoscope so they sucks life, but if they are favorable in the horoscope so they give everything…It’s a demon nature actually..

Remember Rahu is merely a body less head hence have no heart and feelings so he acts as per material world because he can see only. Ketu is headless body he does not have eye to see the material world hence always acts blindly, As Ketu can’t see the material world hence detached from material world …but favorable Ketu can reward you with one of the priceless final gift of life which is“Moksha”. 

if Rahu is in fifth house so Ketu would be in 11th house, Means both are passing energy of each other houses to each other But the main drama is Rahu doesn’t like What Ketu do, and same Ketu doesn’t like what Rahu do, So actually both hates each other but they never destroy quality and power of each other.

Rahu and Ketu both are known as the karmic planets… And give the results of past karmic deeds, Rahu co rule sign of Aquarius, and Ketu co rules sign of Scorpio as the main ruler of both the signs (which is Saturn and Mars) are very cruel planets hence Rahu is shadow of Saturn and Ketu is shadow of mars and both the nodes are significator of karmic rewards. Karmic Rewards means reward of previous birth deeds (May be good, bad, or mixed).

As Rahu signifies desire in the present life and Ketu signifies learnt experiences from past life. Rahu in the horoscope signifies what do you want to achieve in your present life (Which is the main purpose of your life) and Ketu signifies the things which you have already achieved in your past life, so one node (Ketu) is always connected with the past and another node Rahu is connected with present, So how you using your past experience in present life, your future will depend on that, that’s the main relation between nodes and the person…

Where the Ketu sits in the horoscope signifies, “see you have already got these things in previous birth so it’s better don’t request for the same things again, but please learn from the past life mistakes and don’t repeat them”.

And Where Rahu sits in the horoscope signifies that see “this is the area where you have to work, this is your life goal which you have to achieve”

That’s the meaning behind nodes sitting in specific houses…and they always wants each person to act as per them.

Both the nodes are shadow and to come into existence they need a physical body, so that they can act, Hence Depositor is a body, Nakshatra is a soul and Sign is an atmosphere (You can say energy) and house is an area where nodes are going to perform. See basically when a body and soul mixed then only shadows comes into the existence (If there is no body so there is no soul), and everybody needs energy to live and area to work, Nodes always transform themselves as per the sign and depositor.

For nodes Nakshatra is much imp then the occupied sign, how benefic or malefic nodes will act in the horoscope will first depends on the Nakshatra, because Nakshatra is like a soul for both the nodes, if soul is good no one can do bad, but is soul is worse no one can perform positive. That’s the main reason when Rahu occupy kingly Nakshatra Magha gives tremendous and massive fame like an emperor to the Native, that’s the actual magic of Nakshatra.

Retrogression of any planet signifies incomplete left work in past life, However Rahu and Ketu is always signifying completed or incomplete task along with project for current life, Hence known as karmic planets but they are still merely a shadow planets which cant produce individual results hence god has blessed them with retrogression power so that they can eclipse the powerful Sun and Moon, because without retrogression power nodes are not capable to make eclipse hence Rahu and Ketu are always in Retrograde motion.

As Rahu signifies that all past incomplete wishes and signifies we are here to achieve the same. So if in your horoscope Nodes are sitting with multiple planets which means you have not completed you past life goal in past life itself, so nodes are again in the same house and need a support of that particular planets to accomplish that goal in your current life. However whether you will achieve your goal or not that will depends on your overall horoscope.

So if nodes are connected with the planet so power of that planet will greatly improve or reduced.

Even an exalted planet lose its exaltation if nodes are bad in the horoscope and connected with that exalted planet, and Evan a debilitated planet can act positively more than an exalted planet if nodes are positive in the main birth chart and connected will that debilitated planet.

Apart from occupied houses, nodes also affect houses where they are aspecting through special Drishti, nodes eclipse all the quality of depositor, all the quality of connected and aspected planets and houses connected with them, and apart from these things nodes also significator of many things like Rahu signifies science, all the scientifically work, Wine and addictions, Stock exchange, Mathematics, Foreign lands, luck with foreign affair, Gambling, sudden wealth, Technologies, accidental death, mental illness, art, media, fame, glamour, photography, politics, and many more, And Ketu signifies detachment from these things and forcing towards spiritual power so that you can attain final stage in life which is moksha…Ketu can also can give you material things if sitting any materialistic Nakshatra like Nakshatra of Rahu or Venus….!!!

So that the main reason if nodes are supporting so we get happiness in major areas of our life and if they want to destroy so put an eclipse on maximum areas of our life.

About Rahu and Ketu in Vedic Astrology

The Mythology of Rahu / Ketu

There are many Myths and legends attached to Rahu Ketu. The most well known one is of Rahu Ketu as the Naga Vasuki- the ruler of the Patala Loka (the nether regions of the earth). Nagas in Vedic literature are not ordinary snakes but Serpents with much hidden knowledge and wisdom. There was a great war between the gods and the demons for the control of the universe and at the centre of it was the ocean which was being churned to find the hidden treasures and the Amrita- the nectar of immortality. Vasuki helped the gods in their mission. He was the rope tied around the spiritual mountain Mandara, which was the rod, used by the gods to churn the ocean.

When the Amrita was found the gods wanted to keep it for themselves as they felt that the demons would use it for the wrong purpose. Vasuki being a demon, his instincts were for personal glorification and materialistic happiness rather than universal good. (Sacrificing self for others is considered the godly impulse). Vasuki, was more intelligent than the other demons, he was not willing to be distracted by the gods. He drank the nectar of immortality secretly. The Sun and the Moon complained to Lord Vishnu, the creator of the Universe, who was very angry at this deception. In anger he threw the Sudharshan Chakra at Vasuki and cut him into two. Vasuki had drunk the Amrita and was immortal, therefore could not be killed. He remained in the skies as Rahu(the head)Ketu (the lower half), a permanent reminder to the other planets(gods) of the darker side of life which we have to defeat in the pursuit of immortality.

Rahu Ketu are considered great enemies of the Sun and the Moon because they told Lord Vishnu about them. They symbolically swallow the two luminaries during the eclipses. Their capacity to darken the Sun and the Moon make Rahu Ketu the most powerful influences in the Zodiac. The Sun around whom the other planets and the solar system revolves, the Moon which controls life on earth, are obscured by Rahu Ketu during eclipses. Rahu Ketu represent Cosmic Law which everyone including the Sun and the Moon have to obey.

This allegory has to be understood as life. The Gods without the help of Vasuki (Rahu Ketu) could not find the secret of immortality. In the same way we as humans cannot find our higher selves without understanding the lessons of Rahu and Ketu. They represent the darker side of our nature which we need to overcome. Our inner emotions are like the ocean being churned. Within this ocean lie a number of treasures as well as poisons and nasty things. We have learn to recognise the precious from the dross and finally find Amrita- the secret of immortality or true happiness. The conflict between our attachment to materialistic achievements (this gives us momentary happiness which is a fantasy as it has no real basis, the domain of Rahu) and liberation of the soul, finding bliss and tranquillity which is eternal and everlasting (Ketu is the Moksha karaka significator for spiritual realisation). The gods needed the help of Vasuki in the Amrita manthan and in the same way we need the knowledge provided by the wise nodes to give direction.


How to Interpret KCP

For illustration, ruler of the sign occupied by Ketu is Mars and the ruler of the sign occupied by Rahu is Venus, i.e., Mars and Venus are the Controlling Planets in this Nativity. Mars is the planet of the past life Karmic Control and Venus is the planet of Karmic Distribution Control.

First we are to considers the position of his Mars. Mars is in Libra in 10th house. Combine the characteristics of all the three elements, i.e. Mars, Libra and the 10th house and we will get the clear picture. The characteristics of Mars – Fire, quarrels, energy, initiative, effort, pain etc., i.e. in his past incarnation, he was quarrelsome, fiery, and full of energy. As he could not balance himself in past incarnation (Libra sign), he is to suffer in this incarnation in his married life (Libra-sign of marriage) and his vocation (10th house). Mars is the ruler of the 4th he will suffer in his 4th house affairs in this incarnation, i.e. mother, domestic peace and harmony etc. It is due to his past life karmic control.

Next planet to be considered is Venus – the planet of Karmic Distribution Control. Key Notes for Venus are – love, beauty, money etc. Venus is in the first house in Capricorn. We are to blend these three characteristics (Venus, First house and Capricorn) to understand the Karmic Distribution Control in this incarnation. Capricorn is the sign of ambition but of restrictions also and the first house means `person’. Naturally the present life of the native will be full of ambitions but of restrictions also with regard to the Keynotes of Venus (love, affection and money).

Mars conjunction Rahu in the 10th house, (Orb is 10 degree) in Libra. This is quite a fortunate and powerful aspect. Strong personal elevation is sought in life, basically due to Karmic hidden support.  Money and resources become key issues behind the go-getter professional image. Strong tensions with father are noticed since early childhood. Temper and aggressiveness go hand-in-hand to achieve the objective without wasting any time. Physical sex drive is often at its highest and it has certain past life connections. Sometimes these connections are in the form of unfinished manipulation or simple `get even’ from the previous life. It seems like the Martian energies are coupled with the previous memories and they have a Scorpion touch. Strong assistance from brothers and sisters is seen in getting ahead in life or vice-versa.

Venus square Rahu/Ketu. This is quite a frustrating or stressful aspect. However, it does provide a lot of fighting spirit to the native to overcome many obstacles. It seems that he is to learn his Karmic lessons substantially in details. These minute lessons come from many areas of life. This aspect has the most Karmic learning process in native’s life. Thus he fulfils substantial balance of Karma in this life alone. Strongly it may not seem so because he is learning from so many directions and without concentrating on any particular area of life. Thus, as he goes through higher reincarnations, he has good and stiff stamina to cope up with added life process. This sounds like basic Karmic training. Affairs of money and possessions are very significant, consciously or unconsciously. Circumstances behave strongly with him in this aspect. When he plans to go after resources and money matters, circumstances force him to become anti-materialistic. On the other hand, if he decides to withdraw from the material luxury, he gets circumstantially tangled with other’s resources and their management. Somehow, whatever his choice is, circumstances force him to change his strategy continuously. This goes on until he balance is fully understood.

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If Rahu or Ketu is conjunct with another planet(s) in Trikona, Kendras, Trishadaya, in 8th or 2nd and 12th houses, following results may be expected:

In Kendra Trikona etc Conjunct with Expected Results Rahu/Ketu in Kendra Trikonesha (including Lagnesh) Yoga Karaka

Rahu/Ketu in Kendra Trishadayadhisha Ashubha

Rahu/Ketu in Kendra Ashtamesha Ashubha

Rahu/Ketu in Kendra 2nd or 12th Lord according to the influence of other house owned by 2nd and 12th Lords as the case may be.

Rahu/Ketu in Kendra Shubha Kendresha Ashubha — due to Kendraadhipatya Dosha of Shubha

Rahu/Ketu in Kendra Ashubha Kendresha Sama.

Rahu/Ketu in 7″ House With Maraka Maraka — Ashubha

Rahu/Ketu in Trikona Conjunct with Kendra Lord (including Lagnesh) Yoga Karaka

Rahu/Ketu in Trikona Trikona Lord Shubha

2nd or 12th Lord Shubha

Rahu/Ketu in Trikona Trishadayadhisha Shubha

Rahu/Ketu in Trikona 8th Lord Shubha

Rahu/Ketu in Trishadaya Trikonesha Mixed Results

Rahu/Ketu in Trishadaya Kendresha Ashubha

Rahu/Ketu in Trishadaya Trishadayadhisha Worse in Ashubhatwa

Rahu/Ketu in Trishadaya Ashtamesha Anisthakaraka

Rahu/Ketu in Trishadaya 2nd or 12th Lord Ashubha

Rahu/Ketu in Asthama Trikonesha Mixed Results

Rahu/Ketu in Asthama Kendresha Ashubha

Rahu/Ketu in Asthama Trishadayadhisha Worse in Ashubhatwa

Rahu/Ketu in Asthama Ashtamesha Anisthakaraka

Rahu/Ketu in Asthama 2nd or 12th Lord Ashubha

Rahu/Ketu in Asthama 7th Lord/Markesh Maraka

Rahu/Ketu 2nd or 12th 7th Lord/Markesh Maraka

Rahu/Ketu 2nd or 12th Karaka Karaka

Rahu/Ketu 2nd or 12th Shubha Kendresha Ashubha

Rahu/Ketu 2nd or 12th Ashubha Kendresha Sama

Rahu/Ketu 2nd or 12th Trishadayadhisha Ashubha

Rahu/Ketu 2nd or 12th Ashtamesha Ashubha

Rahu/Ketu 2nd or 12th 2nd/12th Lord Shubha according to the nature of results of the 2nd or 12th Lord as the case may be.

Dr. B.V. Raman in his “Hindu Predictive Astrology” has given Bhava and Rashi Phalas of these nodes Rahu and Ketu. One has to keep them in mind. One may also refer to “Chamatkar Chintamani”, for detailed Bhava results in different situations. Next point, which is required to be considered for the results of nodes in various houses and Rasis, relates to Laghu Parashari/rules about their Yoga Karakatwa or otherwise.

According to 13th Shloka of Laghu Parashari, strong Rahu and Ketu give results of (a) the Bhava occupied by them; and (b) the Bhavas ruled by planet(s) conjunct with them. If Rahu or Ketu or both are in Shubha Bhava, they would give “Shubha Phala”; if in Ashubha Bhava, they would give bad results. Even if Rahu and Ketu are alone in Trikonas — including Lagna, are Shubha, in 4th, 7th, and 10th, they are “Sama”- neither “Shubha” nor “Ashubha”-; and in 3rd, 6th, and 11th, while Rahu is said to be “Arishta Nashaaka”. but before doing so it would surely create -Arishta Janya’ situation to be Arishta Nashaka-.

In 8th and 12th Rahu or Ketu alone would be “Ashubha” ordinarily.

If Rahu and Ketu are in above said positions and in Papa Rashi or Papa Navamsha or position-wise in 2nd, 12th, 3rd, 6th or 8th they tend to increasingly reduce happiness from the relations indicated by the Bhava occupied by them — by quarrel and strained relations, by living at great distances; or by lack of birth or untimely sad demise.

However, Rahu may cause material prosperity, emanating from Karakatwa of that house in strange ways.

Detailed results of Rahu Dasha may be seen from the Commentary of Sarwartha Chintamani, Chapter 15, by great B. Suryanarain Rao. However, following factors may be kept in mind:

(a) Rahu in Karkata, Vrishabha or Mesha will give money, education and pleasure and recognition from kings and pleasure from wife, servants and happiness to his soul — 1603.

(b) Rahu in Kanya, Meena and Dhanu —will give children, wife, lordship over the country, human conveyances, and in the end loss of all — 1604.

(c) Rahu in a malefic sign will cause— bodily leanness. destruction to relations, fear from kings. deception by thieves. venereal complaints. asthma, consumption and urinal troubles — 1605.

(d) Rahu aspected by a malefic will cause — irreligiousness, loss of service, sickness and rulers and fires — 1606.

(e) Rahu aspected by a benefic will cause — wealth from kings, death to relations — 1607

(f) Rahu with an exalted planet will lead to — gain of kingdom, wife, children and wealth, clothes, ornaments, sweet scents — 1608.

(g) Rahu with debilitated planets will indicate— livelihood by despicable means, bad food and wife and worthless children — 1609.

(h) Rahu in the commencement gives sorrow, in the middle, reputation and and change of place in the end and loss of Gurus, parents. etc. — 1610.

These qualitative results would increase when Rahu is Vargottama. He, the native would be excelling others in his field of activities. The area of activities would depend upon on its Rashi. Navamsha and Nakshatra dispositors and the planet which are conjunct or aspected by Rahu.

As per Deva Keralam Vol. V Verse 4850 – 4852 at page 212 Rahu in 2nd:

(a) Should Rahu be in the 2nd (Scorpio) in Vargottama Navamsha, the subject will be given to enjoy pleasures. He will incur diseases in childhood. In the middle of his life, he will enjoy a great deal of prosperity. Old age will place him in debts and he will to some extent steal others’ wealth. He will be attached to his race, be famous among his family members and will suffer from physical illnesses. He will be honoured by the king of kings, be revered by scholars and will earn fame.

(b) If the said Rahu is not in Vargottama, the native’s son will be in the grip of debts. Vargottama position will be auspicious. (c) Rahu conjunct a benefic (in Scorpio) will lead to fame. One learned astrologer has mentioned that malefic planets Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu (and the Sun as well) give auspicious results if they are debilitated or in an enemy sign — such a native becomes proficient in many branches of knowledge. He is sensitive, sympathetic, helpful and virtuous. If the evil planets are exalted, or Vargottama in D-9; the native becomes arrogant, ungrateful irresponsible, haughty, poor and is troubled by the governing authorities.

Expected Results of Vargottama Rahu/Ketu in different positions: One need not say that whenever Rahu is Vargottama Ketu would also be Vargottama. If Dasha of Rahu does not operate in the life of an individual then Dasha of Ketu would be operating in the life of the native. While delineating the results of Vargottama, Rahu and Ketu, one must not forget the comparative importance of one of these two Chhaya Grahas. Rahu and Ketu in Vargottama Navamshas in Chara Rashis Rashi & Rashi Lord Nakshatra- Its Lord Lord of Navamsha Illustrative Celebrities Mesha-Mars Ashwini I-Ketu Navamsha of Mars Rahu – Chengiz Khan (11) Ketu – Harry S. Truman (51) Ketu – An Example for Scientifi c Eminence (70) Cancer-Moon Punarvashu IV — Jupiter Navamsha of Moon Libra-Venus Chitra III- Mars N a v a m s h a of VenusSaturn Ketu – Chengiz Khan (11) Rahu – Harry S. Truman (51) Rahu – An Example for Scientifi c Eminence (70) C a p r i c o r n – Saturn Uttarashada IISun Navamsha of Saturn Vargottama Rahu and Ketu in Dwiswabhava Rasis Rashi & Rashi Lord NakshatraIts Lord Lord of Navamsha Illustrative Celebrities VrushabhaVenus R o h i n i – I I – Moon N a v a m s h a – Venus Rahu – Sri Ramanujacharya (9) Ketu – Tippu Sultan (21) Simha-Sun P. PhalguniI-Venus Navamsha-Sun Ketu – Alexander the Great (3) VrishchikaMars AnuradhaIV-Saturn Navamsha-Mars Ketu-Sri Ramanujacharya (9) Rahu – Tippu Sultan (21) K u m b h a – Saturn ShatbhishaIII-Rahu Navamsha – Saturn Rahu – Alexander the Great (3) Vargottama Rahu and Ketu in Sthir Rashis Rashi & Rashi Lord Nakshatra- Its Lord Lord of Navamsha Illustrative Celebrities Mithuna-Mercury Punarvasu III – Jupiter N a v a m s h a – Mercury Rahu-Gautama Buddha (2) Ketu -Johann W.V. Goethe (20) Kanya-Mercury Chitra II-Mars N a v a m s h a – Mercury Rahu – Sri K. Wadiyar IV (52) Ketu – Queen Victoria (27) Ketu – Sri K. Wadiyar IV (52) Dhanu-Jupiter Uttarashadha-ISun Navamsha-Jupiter Ketu – Sri Gautama Buddha (2) Rahu -Johann W.V. Goethe (20) Meena-Jupiter Revati-IV-Mercury Navamsha-Jupiter Rahu – Queen Victoria (27) Rahu – Sri K. Wadiyar IV (52) One need not repeat that like every other planet Rahu/Ketu also give their results according to their Rashi/Bhava, Nakshatra and Navamsha position. According to Nadi Rule, if Rashi Lord, Nakshatra Lord/and Navamsha Lord are together it will increase Shubha Phala of the concerned planet. This Nadi rule should apply to Rahu and Ketu also. One should watch Vargottama Position and its impact on Shubha Phala in the light of Rashi Lord, Nakshatra Lord and Navamsha Lord at least. All the illustrated celebrities mentioned in the above Table are from Notable Horoscopes of Dr. B.V. Raman. Detailed particulars of the Charts may be found in Notable Horoscopes. Since Rashi Lord and Navamsha Lord are one and the same it could have strong influence on Rahu within the constraints. Nakshatra would also have definite influence but about just one-third of the results and other two third resultsone third each may be attributed to Rashi and Navamsha Lords. Sri Gautama Buddha In his case Rahu was 86 degree 54 minutes i.e. in Gemini Rashi and in the same Navamsha. Hence Rahu as well as Ketu are Vargottama. In his 16th year, Gautama was married to Yasodhara. But as soon as Rahu Bhukti in Shani Dasha commenced — the presence of Rahu in the 12th or Mokshasthana, in Punarvashu III Nakshatra owned by 9th Lord Jupiter; it is further notable that Jupiter is in Ashwini IV Nakshatra owned by Vairagya Karaka Vargottama Ketu. In His 29th year, Buddha, on the day of the birth of his son Rahul, made the great renunciation. He left His young wife and child and wandered into the forest. Rahu is Vargottama in Gemini but in 12th house, in 3rd Pada of Punarvasu owned by the Jupiter in the Navamsha of Gemini. Thus Mercury, the planet ruling Gemini Rashi and Gemini Navamsha has dual infl uence on Rahu. Nakshatra Lord being Jupiter would also have impact on this Vargottama Rahu. This Rahu is aspected by the debilitated Saturn in Aries with cancellation by four factors (i) Venus, (ii) Mars, (iii) the Sun, and (iv) being in Kendra from Lagna and the Moon both and Saturn is Lord of 7th and 8th from Lagna. Seen from Chandra Lagna Rahu is in 5th controlling Buddhi/Dhi. Thus Rahu being 12th (Mokshasthana) Lord —from Lagna and 5th Lord from the Moon, had triple infl uence of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn had separating effect in so far wife and comforts (Venus), son (Jupiter) were concerned. This happened in Shani Rahu in his 29th year when Saturn would be aspecting Rahu again in the beginning of the 2nd round from the Sun indicator of 5th from Lagna and 11th house from the Moon and Raj Paksha/Raja-Satta. Though Rahu is materialist, this Gyan Vairagya and internal churning to fi nd truth in various ways, led to a different kind of Yoga paving path for establishment of Buddhism. Alexander the Great In his case Rahu was 314 degree 2 minutes i.e. in Aquarius Rashi and in the same Navamsha. Hence Rahu as well as Ketu are Vargottama As per Dr. B.V. Raman’s “Notable Horoscopes”, Alexander succeeded his father Philip II in Saturn Dasha Rahu Bhukti. Mark Saturn is Lord of the 10th from Lagna and Yogakaraka from Chandra Lagna, occupying as he does, benefi c sign and the Nakshatra (Mrigshira II owned by) Lagna Lord Mars. Under the same directions, his father died by assassination. In Rahu Bhukti (Saturn Dasha again the newly-born son of his father by Cleopatra. and Augustus. another cousin were put to death by Alexander. Rahu is Vargottama in Sthir Rashi Sthir Navamsha in the Nakshatra of “Shatbhisa III. It is Pancham Navamsha. Jatakabharanam and Hora Ratnam extol this Navamsha position of any planet by holding out that even if one planet is in its Panchamamsa the native will become a king; and if that planet in addition be endowed with all kinds of strength, he will be emperor “Shatbhisaj III- has this advantage in addition to its quality to cure all diseases and to revitalize. It has also the quality to remove all the obstacles in one’s progress by removing them. Alexander’s’ chart establishes this fact. Sri Ramanujacharya In case of Ramanujacharya Rahu was 43 degree 42 minutes i.e. in Taurus Rashi and in the same Navamsha. Hence Rahu as well as Ketu are Vargottama. It is in Pancham Navamsha; Pushkar Navamsha and Vargottamamsa. Consequently, Rahu had triple advantage position wise. In his case in Jupiter Dasha Rahu Bhukti, the master Ramanujacharya sent away his wife and became a Sanyasi. Mark the position of Rahu in the 12th from the 7th Lord (from the Moon) and the unique disposition of Jupiter from Chandra Lagna. Rahu is Vrishabha 5th Navamsha i.e. Rohini II owned by Lagna Lord Moon. Rahu has separating effect from relation indicated by Bhava Karakatwa of Bhava Lord and Nakshatra Lord. It is in 12th- from Lagna Lord the Moon and Jupiter i.e. 9th and 6th Lord from Lagna. From Chandra Lagna it is in 12th. Moon carries Rahu’s separating infl uence on Jupiter. Venus, Karaka for wife is combust. Saturn 7th from Lagna and in 7th in Chandra Lagna is also spoiling Jupiter by its separating aspect. Rahu, the materialist is converted to spiritualist by association of its Nakshatra Lord Moon to Vairagya (Gyan Karaka) Jupiter and Saturn. Navamsha Lagna Lord Venus though in its own Nakshatra Bharani, is combust; in the sign of Mars and with its Neecha Lord Mercury and Shatru the Sun. Hence, Venus is weak. Thus Bhoga was suppressed by the above factors and Vairagya developed. This is to be noted that Ketu the Mokshakaraka is in Nakshatra of Saturn. Infl uence of Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu together on 4th house or 4th Lord causes Vairagya. Here Venus is infl uenced by Ketu the Nakshatra Lord, by Saturn as Nakshatra dispositer of Saturn and Mars i.e. Rashi dispositer of Venus and by the conjunction of combusting Sun and Mercury Lord of his debilitation sign Virgo. And the Moon Manah Karak in Mokshasthana is aspected by Saturn Vairagya Karaka and is conjunct with Jupiter Gyan karaka. Queen Victoria In case of Queen Victoria Rahu was 358 degree 17 minutes i.e. in Pisces Rashi and in the same Navamsha. Hence Rahu as well as Ketu are Vargottama Dr. B.V. Raman observed that Victoria ascended the throne in 1837 when she was having Rahu Dasha Jupiter Bhukti. Jupiter is dominantly placed and Rahu the major Lord is in Vargottama and in Revati IV the constellation of Mercury 2nd and 5th Lord. The years immediately following her accession were the least sensible and satisfactory time in her whole life”, probably due to the situation of Jupiter in Dhanistha II the constellation of Mars who in his turn is affl icted. In 1840 she was married to her cousin Albert in Rahu Dasha Saturn Bhukti. Mark the fact that both major and subLords are in Rashi association and under the same directional infl uences the fi rst issue, a daughter, was born. As the Maha Dasha Lord Vargottama Rahu is in the constellation of the 5th Lord Mercury, seven issues were born in Rahu Dasha and two issues in Jupiter Dasha. Ketu is Vargottama in 5th in Virgo, increased the propensity to give children. Mars 7th Lord is also Vargottama in Revati IV and Saturn is 9th and 10th Lord in Kireeti Dwadashamsa and in Virgo in Pushkar Navamsha or say in Mantramsa or Putramsa as per Bhagya Suchaka Navamsha. Bala Gangadhara Tilak In case of Tilak Rahu was 358 degree 57 minutes i.e. in Pisces Rashi and in the same Navamsha. Hence Rahu as well as Ketu are Vargottama. Tilak was sentenced to eighteen month’ rigorous imprisonment in September 1897 in Sun Dasha Moon Bhukti. Sun is in Pushya II owned by Saturn. Saturn is 7th and 8th Lord posited in 12th in Nakshatra of Rahu Aridra. Rahu’s placement in Sarpa Nigad and Vyala Drekkana, coupled with aspect of Saturn on Rahu and 8th Lordship of Saturn, titled the balance. As regards the Moon, he is in Raudra Drekkana; one should not be surprised that the Moon is in Revati I , Nakshatra owned by 12th Lord Mercury, posited in 12th Ketu is in Chitra II Nakshatra owned by 5th and 10th Lord in 4th house. The Sun and the Moon have caused Bandhana Yoga, by virtue of the former joining Lord of the 11th in Lagna and the latter joining Rahu in the 9th aspected by Saturn. In Vargottama Rahu Bhukti he was released as Rahu could give the results of the benefi c Jupiter. It is said and experienced that Rahu absorbs good results of planets conjuncts with it. Here Vargottama Rahu is associated with Lagna Lord the Moon and 9th Lord Jupiter. This led to his release and name and fame also. Dr. B.V Raman observed “The most outstanding combinations in this horoscope are: the glorifi ed position of Lord of Lagna in the 9th with the 9th Lord and affl iction of this combination by Saturn and Rahu. resulting in obstruction of the free fl ow of fortunate infl uences and the presence of Bandhana Yogas or combinations for incarceration causing great suffering. Tilak suffered a lot for the country. He was a born fi ghter as revealed by the dominating position of Mars and he will be remembered forever for the inspiring legacy that he has left to India in the thought “Swaraj is my birthright”. He was essentially a man of religion as revealed by the position of Jupiter. It may be asked whether Jupiter-Rahu association has not caused GuruChandala Yoga. The answer would be that the Yoga stands neutralized by the fact that Rahu is in the constellation of Mercury and is removed from Jupiter by nearly 10°. Rahu’s situation in the Nakshatra of Mercury who is Mokshasthanadhipati and the entire combination receiving the aspect of Saturn from Mokshasthana gave him a living faith in God. Otherwise, he would not have said at the time of his conviction that “there are higher powers that rule the destinies of things and it may be the will of Providence that the cause which I represent should prosper more by my suffering than by my remaining free”. Arishta Yogas for suffering evenly balanced with Raja Yogas and Lagna and Lagna Lord fully fortifi ed reveal Tilak’s stainless purity of life, immense sacrifi ce in the cause of the country, deep devotion to the people and principles, and the moral stuff and quality of the man which left him uncrowned king of India”. We fondly remember this great man and salute him on the Ganesha Chaturthi Day. George Bernard Shaw Rahu being 358° 14′ is Vargottama in Pisces Rashi and the same Navamsha. Hence Rahu as well as Ketu are Vargottama. Dr. Raman observed that “In Rahu Dasha , he had smallpox which left him unscarred. From then on, he became an opponent of vaccination. His real fi nancial prosperity began only from Jupiter Dasha and Venus Bhukti. Jupiter is Dhanakaraka and occupies the 11th and Venus as Lord of Lagna is in an Upachaya. Rahu Dasha extended till 1888 and Rahu enabled him to expand his intellectual outlook. Between1876-1885 he wrote fi ve novels”. It may be noted that Rahu is in the constellation of Revati, owned by 2nd and 5th Lord Mercury. Rahu was to give the result of Mercury and Navamsha Lord of Pisces — Jupiter. Thus 5th and 11th connection and infl uence made him to write 5 novels to earn name and fame. See the effect of Ketu. Vargottama in Virgo in Chitra II, owned by 12th and 7th Lord Mars, aspected by Jupiter in its own sign Pisces and own Navamsha Dhanu — bringing a lot of sarcasm and satire. In Dasha of Vargottama Mercury and in Bhukti Vargottama Ketu he won the Nobel Prize. Franklin Delano Roosevelt In his case Rahu was 224° 55′ in Scorpio and Ketu of 44° 55′ in Vrishabha in 4th & 10th respectively. His Ketu was 44 degree 55 minutes i.e. in Taurus Rashi and in the same Navamsha. Hence Rahu as well as Ketu are Vargottama. Both are in Pancham Navamsha and Vargottamamsa. Ketu is in Pushkar Navamsha as well. Consequently, Ketu had triple advantage position wise. He was born with balance of Rahu Dasha of 6 years, 7 month and 20 days. So nothing particularly notable could have happened. See Ketu Dasha which started on 10.2.1940. Dr. B.V. Raman in his notable horoscopes observed that ” Ketu dasha Commenced on 19. 2.1940 “Ketu Dasha commenced on 19-2-1940 and was a momentous one in his life. He won two presidential elections: the famous Atlantic Charter was born, and the major share was taken in winning the war. Ketu is in the 10th from Lagna and Venus, whose result Ketu should give, is Lord of the 10th and is placed in the 6th with the Sun, Lord of Lagna. From Chandra Lagna, Ketu is in the 12th — the house of losses. In Navamsha, Ketu occupies the 7th aspected by Mars and Jupiter and is in the 4th from Chandra Lagna. Thus Ketu is well placed to give Roosevelt name, power, infl uence, prestige and victory over enemies. But for Ketu’s strong disposition Roosevelt would not have been able to retain his hold on the imagination of the people, nor could he have successfully battled against the cash and carry legislation which prevented utmost and being given to the Western allies. He died as soon as Saturn’s sub-period commenced in Ketu Dasha . It will be seen that Ketu presides over the 3rd star, from that held by Saturn, going under the name of Vipat.



In Vedic Astrology, Rahu shows where we are weak and Ketu indicates our power developed from multiple past lives.
Karmic Relationships‘ in astrology reveals about relationship between two people.
Every person brings their own karma into relationships, as indicated by position of Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) in their birth chart. Cross checking between two individuals birth chart reveal more about what kind of karmic relationship people have with each other. Karmic relationship can be very helpful in any romantic relationship and also in husband-wife relationship.

Generally, if Rahu and Ketu in 1st chart have similar pattern in 2nd chart, then those two persons are karmically connected (through their collective past lives karma).
For Example : If Rahu in your chart occupies Gemini and if it occupies Sagittarius (Ketu’s position in your chart) in your partner or friend’s sign, and also if you both meet frequently, then both are karmically connected.

Also, if Rahu and Ketu are positioned in constellations (nakshatras) owned by same planets in both horoscopes, or if both Rahu, Ketu are conjunct same planet in both charts, or if both Rahu, Ketu are conjunct same cusp lord in both charts, then both persons are in a karmic relation.
If Rahu or Ketu are conjunct another karmic planet like Saturn in both charts, then surely there is a karmic bond between them.

Determining Karmic Relationship through Synastry

Synastry is an astrological technique of determining compatibility between two individual by comparing the planets sign with another person planets sign.
Here we check similar sign fall over each other sign in the birth chart to those in the other person’s chart.
Example : If your Saturn is in Leo and your partner’s Rahu(North Node) is also in Leo, it mean s that your Saturn sign is falling on its Rahu sign and you have some karmic relation with them.
It indicates some past life connection with partner and there is something to be learnt in this lifetime from that person.

Few relations may be highly romantic, but end quickly.
Few may last for longer time but are inclined towards spiritual progress, business prospects, matrimonial relations, children, adoptions, admiration etc.
There is a sanskrit sloka which explains who has strongest karmic relationship with us.

“Runanubhanda Rupena Pasu Patni Suta Aalaya
Runakshaye Kshyayaanthi Tatra Parivedana.”

Translation : Pets, Wife, Children, Home are the result of previous birth bondage.
Once the debt is annihilated there is no relationship and it ends the suffering in this Samsara (world).

How to check who are important people in your life, what they teach you about and your past life connection with them

Rahu is amplifier of present future karma to made and Ketu (South Node) is attenuator of past karma to be resolved.
In a relationship women feel good when they receive and man feel good when they give. This is a normal feminine and masculine energy relationship mind set between man and women biologically. If it goes other way round relationship can be ruined.

Sun is the King, Pride, Inspiration, Ego, and Leadership.

Man’s Rahu (North Node) falls on Women Sun : Rahu/North Node amplify the Sun quality of women, which is not good synastry match, because Sun is king, pride, inspiration, ego, and leadership. Initially man attracts towards women authoritative and leadership role, but with time they don’t like woman in leading role. With time it will create problem because man wants to be in this role which create ego problem to the man and this relation not going to work in the long term.

Women’s Rahu (North Node) falls on Man Sun: This is good synastry match for both of them because women Rahu/North Node amplified man Sun quality which is good for long run. A women always want a authoritative and leadership quality in a man who always inspire and lead her a dignified way in
the society.

Man’s Ketu (South Node) falls on Women Sun: This is good synastry match because man Ketu (South Node) diminishes women leadership and authoritative quality, which should be in man and woman relationship. This relationship works in and is long lasting.

Women’s Ketu (South Node) falls on Man Sun: This is not good combination synastry match because woman Kahu/South Node diminishes man’s Sun quality. Which are leadership, authoritative and inspirational quality of a man. Initially women drawn to man but with time relationship became less inspirational and disregarding with time.

Moon is about feelings, care, motherly love and selfless love.

Man’s Rahu (North Node) falls on Women Moon: When man’s Rahu (North Node) falls on
woman’s Moon, it s good because it amplify caring and nurturing nature of the woman. The man also helps women in many ways.

Women’s Rahu (North Node) falls on Man Moon: It depends on the condition of the Moon (waxing or waning). If waxing Moon then it is good, if waning Moon then it is not good.

Man Ketu (South Node) falls on Women Moon or Women Ketu (South Node) falls on
Man Moon:
 Both the cases not good, it will minimize the love and caring nature of each other. They feel less emotional for each other and very dry with time.

Mars is Individualism, Action and Fighting Ability

Man Rahu (North Node) falls on Women Mars or Women Rahu (North Node) falls on Man Mars:This is not good synastry match. Whenever woman Mars or man Mars falls on each other Rahu/North Node it amplify the argument and fighting with each other. Initially these people attract with each other and enjoy fighting but with time it increases may lead to many conflicts and problems, which is not good for long term relationship.

Women Ketu (South Node) falls on Man Mars or Man Ketu (South Node) falls on
Women Mars:
 This is good synastry match because this combination resolves past life issues with each other. This combination diminishes argumentative and fight habits of each other. This combination is good for long term relationship.

Mercury is Communication, Interest, Fun and Enjoyment.

Man Rahu (North Node) falls on Women Mercury or Women Rahu (North Node) falls on Man Mercury: This is good synastry match because this combination amplify the Mercury things which communication with each other, enjoying time, increasing and supporting each other interest and helping in learning skill with each other. This combination is good for long term relationship.

Women Ketu (South Node) falls on Man Mercury or Man Ketu (South Node) falls on Women Mercury: This is not good synastry match because this combination diminish or reducing the Mercury stuff which enjoying, fun, learning and entertainment with each other. This is not good for long term relationship.

Jupiter is Hope, Wisdom, Children and Higher Learning.

Man Rahu (North Node) falls on Women Jupiter or Women Rahu (North Node) falls on Man Jupiter: This is good synastry match because this combination amplifies the Jupiter things. Which are hopes, higher learning and wisdom of life. These people grow with each other. With time their relationship with kids grow and they enjoying time with each other.

Women Ketu (South Node) falls on Man Jupiter or Man Ketu (South Node) falls on Women Jupiter: This combination who ‘ Kahu/South Node falls in Jupiter student or child of the person. This is not good synastry match because this combination diminish or reducing the Jupiter things. They lose their interest with each in higher learning and growing children. This is not good for long term relationship.

Venus is Beauty, Love, Mutual Respect, Romance and Sex.

Man Rahu (North Node) falls on Women Venus or Women Rahu (North Node) falls on Man Venus: This is good synastry match because this combination amplifies the Venus things. Which are love, romance, respect and harmony affection for each other. They become more affectionate with each other. Their relation grows with time good for long term relationship.

Women Ketu (South Node) falls on Man Venus or Man Ketu (South Node) falls on Women Venus: Venus is wife for a man when man Venus fall in woman Kahu/South Node its mean she was his wife in past life. This is not good synastry match because this combination diminish or reducing the Venus things. They lose interest in loving each other with time, they are less romantic and feel bored with each other. They did not give respect and non-compromising with each other. This is not good for long term.

Saturn is Limit, Obstacle, Harshness, and Cold Planet.

Man Rahu (North Node) falls on Women Saturn or Women Rahu (North Node) falls on Man Saturn: This is very difficult synastry match because Saturn is obstacle, harshness, discipline, resentment, control detachment and coldness. Rahu/North Node amplify all these Saturn energy it create problem in long term relationship. This combination is not good for long term relationship.

Women Ketu (South Node) falls on Man Saturn or Man Ketu (South Node) falls on Women Saturn: This is good synastry match because this combination diminishes the Saturn things. It resolves the past Saturn karma it resolve the Saturn problems. This is good for long term it become smoother with time. Initial the person feels detachment in relation but with time Saturn difficulties is gone. This combination is good for partner relationship or husband wife.


If Ascendant sign fall with Rahu (North Node) of each other is positive because they will grow and learn together in this lifetime and which work they are not able to complete together they will accomplish in this life.

If Ascendant sign fall with Ketu (South Node) of each other is negative because they resolving some past karma and less attraction towards each other and withdrawn with each other with time.

This is synastry compatibility for better understating of karmic relation with each in general and can help in Healing Karmic Relationships.

Ketu’s connection with partner’s planets & Past life connections

By knowing how the other person’s planets connect with your South Node (Ketu) you will understand how you knew them in past lives. The connections are by sign only.

  • Sun conjunct South Node (Ketu): Sun is the power.The person was in authority over you.
  • Moon conjunct Ketu: Moon is the mother. The person was your child.
  • Mercury conjunct Ketu: Mercury is the sibling.The person was a brother or sister.
  • Venus conjunct Ketu: Venus is the wife or lover. The person was a your lover in a past life.
  • Mars conjunct Ketu: Mars is the soldier. The person was a soldier or warrior or occult practitioner you knew in a past life.
  • Jupiter conjunct Ketu: Jupiter is the guru or teacher. The person was your guru (benefactor).
  • Saturn conjunct Ketu: Saturn is the task master. The person was your teacher.
  • Uranus conjunct Ketu: The person was a revolutionary who influenced you.
  • Neptune conjunct Ketu: The person was a prophet or spiritual leader who
    influenced you.
  • Pluto conjunct Ketu: The person was in control of a group in which you were a member.

General indications of Karmic Relationship in Love etc.

If you already have a soulmate or destined to meet one in future, other attractions due to karmic relationships will never transform into matrimony, or even if they do, it will break soon.
Soulmates, Twin Flames do exist and all of us are capable of attracting the right kind of love into our lives. But it all depends on how healed our soul is to escape from the clutches of a karmic relationship.
When two people destined to be in a Karmic Relationship come across each other, the attraction is magnetic and there`s a connection they find difficult to ignore. Relationships that happen early on in life are mostly karmic in nature and these are meant to teach you lessons so that you can rise above as a person and realize your true potential and goals in life. Once the soul is free and you are able to overcome the challenges of a karmic connection, you will be true to yourself and will be ready for real happiness. Relationships are meant to be healthy and they should help you grow as a person.

Common signs in a Karmic Relationship are : Abuse, Attraction, Addictions, Anger and Arguments, Rage, Restrictions, Jealousy, Posessiveness, Selfishness, Physical desires, frequent breakup and reunion etc.

When you meet your soul mate or your twin flame, you will not find yourself asking if this person is right for me. Understanding, trust, love, passion, affection – all these essential elements will be present in a Soulmate relationship. The love you feel will be true and will soothe your soul.

How to know If you are in a Karmic Relationship