Generalized Rules / Dictum for Retrogression of Planets

In Hindu astrology, Vakri grahas are those planets of the Solar System other than the Sun and the Moon that appear to move backwards, which apparent motion isdue to earth’s orbit. Vakri in Sanskrit means twisted or crooked; it also means indirect, evasive and ambiguous. Vakragati confers exceptional i.e. Cheshtabala, to Vakra grahas whose strong influence is expressed by the manner they affect the Natal Chart and by their transits.

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn appear to retrograde in the signs opposite to the one occupied by the Sun, Mercury and Venus appear to retrograde when they are farthest away from the Sun. Mercury and Venus can never be in the 5th to the 8th house from the Sun.

According to Sanketa Nidhi of Ramadayalu when it is retrograde Mars gives the results of the 3rd house from the house of its occupation, Mercury gives the results of the 4th, Jupiter of the 5th, Venus of the 7th and Saturn of the 8th house.

Don’t forget the houses the retrograde planets rule. Retrograde planet dasha can bring about health issues; they also can bring diminishing returns. The start of the dasha may appear very good, but the quality of the dasha can reduce as it progresses.

Key word for Retrograde Planet in Natal Chart is – PENDING KARMA – essentially going back to past life; often causing delays / impediments until those past life sins are not ratified / paid off (houses signifying the areas of life for those pending karma). So it’s all about past life debts. Hence planets conj / aspecting such retrograde planet also becomes the key as retro planet takes the energies / direction from such influencing planet(s). If retrograde planet is all alone without any influence – then its dispositor becomes the key for interpretation.

Situated in their debilitation sign if owning good houses Vakri grahas produce good results, if owning bad houses they give bad results. Phaladeepika holds the view that a retrograde planet in its sign of debilitation is equal to its occupation of exaltation sign, and that exalted retrograde planets act as though they are debilitated. And, excepting the retrograde ones, those planets which occupy unfriendly signs take away 1/3rd of their allotted term of life.

A retrograde planet at the time of birth affects a person immensely by its qualities. If more than one planet is retrograde then the planet most advanced in a sign affects the most. An exalted planet when retrograde certainly loses its power to help but a debilitated planet which is retrograde becomes more helpful in many possible ways; in fact the debilitated and retrograde planet situated in its exaltation navamsa becomes very helpful. Natural benefics i.e. Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, if owning the 4th, the 7th or the 10th house and retrograde become more adverse and spoil the house they own, occupy and aspect. On the other hand natural malefics such as the Mars and Saturn, become more helpful. Retrograde Jupiter gives results of the bhava it occupied at birth, rest give the results of the bhava in which they began retrograding.

Following are some of the views of prominent vedic astrology authors on the
effect of a retro planet in Natal Chart.
i. Karkatwa of a retro planet works in an adverse manner.
ii. Retro planet in birth chart – indicate the deficiency of that chakra in the body and of that karakatwa at birth time.
iii. Retro planet as a karmic planet – indicates more about bad karma committed by the native in his previous life connected to that karakatwa. What happened exactly in previous life cannot be narrated –literally – but a retro planet indicates the area of error(s) basing on its karakatwa.
iv. A debilitated planet if in retro motion – gives good results
v. An exalted planet if in retro motion – give difficulties in the dasa period of that
retro planet.
vi. Retro planet exalted in Rasi and debilitated in Navamsa varga – indication is GOOD result in the dasa periods of that planet.
vii. Functional benefics – if in retro motion – give GOOD results
viii. Functional malefic – if in retro motion – give BAD results
ix. A retro planet during retro motion is likely to enter into previous sign – even then such retro planet continue to give the result of the sign where it started retro motion. Jupiter is an exception to this. Jupiter gives the result of the sign where it is posited actually. For example: (1) Saturn started retro motion in libra and happen to enter Virgo during the period of retro motion – Saturn give the results of Libra sign while in Virgo also. (2) Jupiter starts retro in Gemini and happens to enter into Taurus. Jupiter gives the results of Gemini while in Gemini and of Taurus while in Taurus.

Four or more planets that are retrograde (including Ascendant lord) in one’s natal astrology chart indicate that the later half of one’s life will be more eventful, and if success is to come, it will occur later in the life. The house/s ruled by the retrograde planets indicates affairs that will occur later in life. For example, the marriage house; marriage or love can occur after 30 years of age or later. In addition, many retrograde planets can make one introverted and shy. People who have four or more of their planets retrograde are known as “late bloomers.”

Barbara Hand Clow states that retrograde planets allow us to bring gifts/talents, skills, knowledge and abilities from past lives, with us into the current incarnation.  Astrologer Martin Schulman, says that retrograde planets  are ‘absorbers,’ causing us to absorb or draw energy from others. While those with direct motion planets (those planets not in retrograde) are radiators: they tend to radiate their energy outward to others. Schulman also believes that through the retrograding planets, one is constantly attempting to resolve past-life issues, which in the current incarnation, seem to be unfinished.The energy of a retrograde planet is expressed more on an inner level.

Retrograde planets cause you to stop and reconsider consequences. Viewed in karmic terms, retrograde planets indicate areas it would be beneficial to review and perhaps “re-do.”  They can indicate internal struggles regarding unachieved goals or unfinished life lessons. Generally, natal planets in retrograde tend to internalize their influences, allowing you to work on your character.

According to Martin Schulman, retrograde planets tend to break the time barrier.  The individual brings memories of prior lifetimes into the present incarnation.  There may be feelings of a “blending of lifetimes” characterized by the person attempting to resolve issues that still appear to be unfinished.  The memories can be so vivid that the person does not recognize them as “memories.”  In Schulman’s words:  “He is living in a dulled phase of another time zone whose irresistible magnetism seems even more important than his current life.”  The individual keeps re-living the experiences that relate to the particular retrograde planet.

Any planet being retrograde during the native’s birth indicates that the planet and the things it rules in his life are strongly connected with previous lives through karma. The study of retro planets is useful to know the native’s past karma influence if his birth chart has any retro planet(s). Study of a retro planet is, in fact, revealing valid information on the past karmic influence of the native.

When a planet gets into retrogression , there is a transformation in each individual planet.”For example, Jupiter gets transformed into the qualities of Venus, Mercury to Mars, Mars to Mercury, Venus to Sun and quality of Saturn changes into the qualities of Mars (Although Sun is a Vedhaka planet for Saturn). The above mentioned pair of planets are Vedhaka for each other. If any one of them becomes retrograde they will not behave in an inimical manner but they become friends . But if both are placed in retrogression their inimical nature gets restored. Similarly if Sun is conjunct with Venus and if Venus is in retro (as it happened from 16th May 2012 to 28th June 2012) they behaved as friends to each other). On similar lines one can understand that when Mars- Mercury are conjunct and if any one of them is in retrogression , the pair becomes friendly but if both happens to be in Retro as it happened in the earlier part of 2012, they became enemies or with an inimical approach till one them became normal.

Retrogression of Planets in Medical Astrology

The results of a retrograde planet are definitely felt on the health and generally these results are adverse. One of Parashar’s dictum is that benefic planets in the kendras (1/4/7/10) promote sound health. But experience suggests that a retrograde benefic is not capable of doing so. In fact it would certainly cause some health problem appropriate to its significations during its dasha. Scrutiny of retrograde planet’s influence on the health of the native clearly confirms that even if a benefic Ascendant lord is in the Ascendant and is retrograde it cannot protect the native from the disease peculiar to the planet. Malefic retrograde planets are, of course worse. Moreover the retrograde planet passes on its adverse influence to other planets by association or aspect. Whenever there is retrograde planet positioned in the 8th house, it portends mystery in his death.

If the birth chart contains a powerful 3rd house where two or three beneficent planets occupy the house and perhaps one of those planets is its own sign ,the person will likely to be involved in music dance, or drama or some action oriented and daring career like public relations, But if the ruler the said 3rd house is retrograde the 3rd house energy may manifest as a hobby during the person’s first thirty years of life, After the age of thirty or so the person has matured and starts using his some free will rather than following every impulse and desire. Then the person consciously decides whether to make use of the artistic talent that was always apparent, but never acted upon due to the retrograde 3rd house ruler.

Retrograde planets in the house and sign placement will sign negativity and non- fulfillment of matters related to that sign. On the other hand, if they are well aspected or have powerful planet. In conjunction or on either side of them , it will energize these planets and give the person energy to work positively and scale greater heights. – Bhrigu Samhita Dictum

Sri K.N. Rao confirmed the aspect of planets in Retro are to be taken both the sign placed
plus the previous sign, but the planet’s strength is determined only by the sign, it is not with reference to the previous sign. (Nadi Dictum)

When a planet’s movement is retrograde (backward from our view point, the faculties of that planet turned inward , or used in a way different from the norm. If there are two or three different planets in retrograde motion many things are accomplished in unusual ways and are often not understood by others.

(a) 1st house ruler Retrograde :- lf the first house ruler is retrograde, the person’s outgoing tendencies are severely curtailed. He has harder time in gaining recognition or fame. Retrograde status of either the first house or 10th ‘house is detrimental to the progress in his employability because the person is slower in actualizing his or her abilities and worldly powers. His health is likely to be affected in the particular sub period.

(b) 2nd house ruler Retrograde :- In this situation the candidate receives money at a slower pace. If the person has writing skills or literary talent or teaching ability, he or she probably would not to write or teach until a later age.

(c) 3rd house ruler Retrograde:- The person would not be overtly ambitious. His desires will be less. There is less chance of having younger siblings, and less chance of pursuing music, dance, or art. But those could be hobbies in his earlier phase of life.

(d) 4th house ruler Retrograde :- There is less chance owning a land or dabbling in real estate. He has less desire to gain higher education. It does not mean that the person has problems in acquiring higher degrees. It does not mean that the planet is afflicted .It is slower to manifest.

(e) 5th house ruler Retrograde :- The person will not feel compelled to have children, Sports ,politics, spiritual techniques, and other 6th house matters are dormant until the age of thirty. It is considered as weakens the poorvapunya (past life credit) connected to that planet. Generally speaking if the fifth house lord is connected with the 10th house without affliction, it means there is past life credit connected to career. But if that 5″‘house lord is in retrograde phase, the poorvapunya factor is thoroughly weakened or even non-existent.

(f) 6th house ruler Retrograde :- Healing or recovery from illness or operation is held back. Or he may not get into his most cherished medical career or training. There is no clarity in the outcome of legal problems especially when the 6th house lord is retrograde.

(g) 7th house ruler Retrograde- lt could impede becoming a merchant or business person until the late twenties as per the opinion of James Braha. According to others the marriage is not based on trust worthiness or enjoyable.

(h) 8th house ruler Retrograde :- It could slow down the ability to get money from wills, legacies and insurance payments and money from her spouse. Before the late twenties, the person might consider astrology or psychic practices as merely a hobby. To cite an example Braha’s birth chart showed a retrograde Jupiter in his own house Pisces. As he grew in age his knowledge in astrology nourished because of the placement of Jupiter.

(i) 9th house ruler Retrograde:- It could lessen the desire of a person to long travels. The person may consider religion or philosophy as a hobby rather than a profession.

(j) 10th house lord Retrograde :-The person is slower to chose a profession and slower in actualizing his energies on his profession. This is the least favoured retrograde planetary placement in any horoscope.

(k) 11th house ruler Retrograde:- There is every possibility in not having an older sibling. He does not involve with his friends freely and he cannot indulge in making new friends. Houses eleven, five and seven are considered as houses of desire or ambition or major goals. He may take longer time to give effort in these areas.

(l) 12th house ruler Retrograde:- He may be having less sexual desire and less desire to visit remote areas or foreign countries. Retrograde planets do not harm and they are not afflicted unless otherwise influenced by malefic planets. But they do slow things down and make for introverted energy, probably yielding a place for self attainment with the help of prayers or Havans etc. to uplift and actualize his ambitions.

Since a retrograde planet functions in more latent or introspective way, it can help or hurt the house it occupies depending upon its essential benefic or harmful nature.
(a) Retrograde Jupiter or Venus as the lord of 10th house, they are not going to give their full effects to career. Usually the retrograde beneficiary planets definitely strengthen the house it occupies. Malefic planets do certainly cause a certain amount of harm unless balanced by beneficent aspect of other helpful planets.

(b) For example if Retrograde Mercury is in 10th house, there will be an impetus to have a mercurial career (writing, teaching and lecturing etc.) In other words the houses that are ruled by a retrograde planet are extremely dependent upon the person’s desire, the person’s free will. The significations of such houses ruled by the retrograde planet are held back for some time in his earlier period of life (late 20 or 27 years).

(c) Retrograde Malefic planet like Mars if placed in the 4th house – results in serious suffering to the mother and these retrograde planets are less action oriented. The results will not be severe as they would if the same harmful planet (Saturn or Mars) was forward moving.

(d) Retrograde benefic planet or Retrograde Saturn as the ruler of the-7th house it can be stated that the person has a clear chance of creating a good marriage, after paying back karmic love of debts, assuming that there are no other afflictions on Venus or 7th house. Assuming that there is beneficial aspect from Jupiter or Venus on to the seventh house from Ascendant or Moon wherein Saturn or Mars is located , there would be certainly marriage problems. But eventually they may enter into a stable marriage because of planetary aspects on the seventh house. Thus the 7th house matters becomes a mixture of bad, first bad and then followed by good events. In other words the karmic love problems would not last a whole life time. It is to be noticed that retrograde malefic planets are definitely less painful than the forward moving malefic planets in sensitive areas such as the 7th house or taking up of the ruler ship of the seventh house.

(e)The person with Mars in the 7th house fights and argues for considerable time and then gets divorce. If it were to be Retrograde Mars it would be less painful but definitely results in divorce. However the second marriage may prove to be more stable.

Houses 3/6/10/11 houses are called Upachaya houses or increasing houses. Planets located in them increase in strength through time and give progressively better results as one grows older. Natural Malefic planets like Mars and Saturn do well in these houses and give the power to the individual to overcome difficulties. It is to be stressed that the lords of these houses especially 6 and 8 (not the 10) however, are usually inauspicious and can cause harm because they are too impulsive in nature. Of these four houses the 10th house and 11th house are best location for benefic planets especially so in angular house like the tenth. The eleventh is a good place for any planet because malefic planets do very well here and benefic planets do not fare badly either. Among the 1,2,4,7, and 8, the eighth house is the worst, probably the most unfortunate house among these five houses which are described as Apachaya houses.

Retrograde Planets in Upachaya houses –  Malefic planets are going to fare well. This is a judgment call. It is better to have a malefic planet in 3rd or 11th house rather than a forward moving planet. One should remember although malefic planets are welcomed in the Upachaya houses , they cause some harm there as well- at least some harm to the native. Usually the location of malefic planets in 3rd or 5th house may result in harming the elder brother (Eleventh house- rarely refers to second marriage) or younger sibling in the Third house. Such calamitous events are rare when these two houses are occupied by the retrograde malefic planets (Mars or Saturn) .In certain cases the damage to siblings is slight. Saturn as a retrograde planet fares very well when compared with the straight moving Saturn in the 10th house, because Saturn’s energy is to hold themselves back. Retrograde planets are less action oriented. Retrograde Saturn in the 10th house is a blessing for most people.

Venkatesha in “Sarvartha Chintamani” gives the results of the dasha of retrograde planets, as under: The Sun and the Moon are never retrograde.

(a) Mars: During the dasha- antardasha of Mars in retrogression, the native will be full of fear and trouble from thieves, fire and snakes. He may fall from the position held and may go to the forest, to live in solitude.

(b) Mercury: In the dasha of retrograde Mercury the native gets good luck, wife, son and wealth. He also gets to hear the sacred texts from Puranas and engages in acts of charity and bathes in the sea.

(c) Jupiter: The dasha of a retrograde Jupiter bestows on the native much wealth, wife, sons, victory in battles, friendship with the ruling elite and perfumes. He indulges .in luxuries of speech.

(d) Venus: During the dasha of retrograde Venus the native gets much honour from the ruler. He gets vehicles fitted with excellent music systems, fine clothes and ornaments and ruling powers.

(e) Saturn: Retrograde Saturn in its dashas causes failures in actions, frustrations in undertakings, sorrows and loss of ~brothers.

These results should not be applied verbatim as they will be modified due to other factors present in a chart. But one thing is clear from these results that the author of Sarvartha Chintamani has made a sharp distinction between malefic and benefic planets, all they remain so even if they are retrograde in the natal chart.


Retrograde Saturn

Saturn : Fear, past, karma, patience, contraction (squeezing), effort, discipline, responsibility, restriction, teacher, taskmaster, lessons, hard, father, authority, seriousness, stability, caution, mature, concentration, endurance, work and persistence.

Saturn is the planet of Karma, Restrictions, blockages, withholding and Hard Work. When he is in direct motion these characteristics are extremely obvious. Where ever Saturn is in one’s natal chart will depict where the individual will face obstacles, and will have to work quite hard to overcome. Things are withheld with Saturn Direct and many of the rewards come later or after much hard ship, and obstacles. This is also true when Saturn makes a hard aspect to a personal planet.  Saturn symbolizes the rules and regulations in the early environment. The sign shows the cultural/societal influences into which they were born.

Saturn is in retrograde motion for approximately 4 1/2 months every year. Retrograde Motion of Saturn is negative, and that is really because of the fact that Saturn represents Karma it is believed that when a planet is retrograde you will face many Karmic issues with regards, to that planet.  As Saturn itself is a planet strongly connected with Karma, its retrograde motion shows us a lot of unfinished matters from previous lives. During the present lifetime, it will become a tough, yet a necessary teacher, in order to balance any possible karmic debts. Native has difficulty saying NO and defining boundaries. They have no clue where these boundaries are so that they have difficulty defining boundaries and setting limits for others as well as themselves.

Saturn is the ‘father figure’ and ‘authority figure’ planet of the zodiac that basically says, “You don’t get a reward until you learn the lesson.” Saturn (the father) wants to reward but not if you cannot accept responsibility and self-imposed limitation that is for your own Good.

A retrograde Saturn makes the individual seek a different kind of responsibility and purpose in life. The person may be challenged by either the father or other authority figures to take more responsibility for their actions. Through the past life experiences, they answer their critics with a slow persistence of reaching their goals in life. Where the planet is by house and where it rules shows the area where they will have to strive hard for success. A retrograde Saturn builds the character to accept small gains in the long process of success. Security issues need to be addressed in their present life and only when the ego does not interfere, does the individual feel a sense of peace. Saturn’s sign in the chart is where the person needs to address the demands and responsibilities of life. – Judy Collins

Saturn is the natural ruler of the tenth house (Capricorn), the house that represents one of the parents (more likely than not the father), and the outside world.  Saturn also represents discipline, difficulty, and hard lessons just to name a few examples of what Saturn and the tenth houserepresent.  Add retro-gradation (Rx) to Saturn and you at least double the trouble.

Saturn Rx gives a deep sense of frustration, obstruction, selfishness, slowness, limitation, stinginess, secretiveness. Brings lack of progress, feelings of inferiority and timidity. Rx Saturn always indicates a continuous karma from the past, and much of what is done is a repeat of the past. Rx Saturn steadies ambition, lacks confidence, and is highly resistant to change and tends to keep the individual tied to the past. Has inner fears of commitments. Sexually there are restrictions bordering on impotence; the sexual nature is rooted in the past. Struggle with opponents and hard work without recognition. Can be self-defeating, with many stress patterns. Can be overly critical; needs more insight. Saturn Rx brings karmic duties, and frustration can be therapeutic in developing inner strength. The individual should not build a wall around himself; is inhibited or sad and weak, complaining, reluctant and shrewd, does not miss a trick. – Virginia Reyer

Saturn retrograde usually do not know when to stop working. Or they may not like work at all. As Saturn is the karaka of misery, it is important that one must not give into a negative attitude to life and embrace depression as a habit. Saturn is usually depicted as the poor man. The poor are usually hungry – for food, for material goods, for good things in life. Saturn retrogression can make individuals hungry with desire, wanting more and more even when the hunger has been appeased and they may be materially very well off. They need to watch for greed. Saturn rules Vayu ement. Vayu is air and Vayu needs to be used constructively otherwise it can become unnecessarily destructive. Retrogrades do not know how to use their energy so if they do not take care, Saturn can become destructive force for them. Anahata chakra teaches dispassion and detachment. When this chakra is blocked by retrogression then they can find it difficult to detach.

One of the view (to be tested) – Retrograde Saturn :Alone (without any conjunction or aspect ) Saturn in retrograde phase is very strong in 3/6/10/11 houses (not in the 8th house) – usually called as Upachaya houses. Saturn starts behaving like its Vedhaka that is Mars. Now the above principle is to be reinterpreted with reference to the house or Sign in which Saturn is placed. Generally saying Saturn gives very auspicious results in the 12th house in the chart of any native but it does show when there are no malefic influences onto the 12th house. Extending the above example – “If this Retro Saturn is together with Jupiter, Sun or Moon –(these are friendly towards Mars) in the above specified houses and this conjunction will prove to be auspicious )taking for granted that there is no other aspect) . However it is desirable to understand that Jupiter and Mars should not be retrograde in the above scenario.


SATURN RETROGRADE is your signal that you are re-doing a lifetime.  This incarnation is your 2nd chance; thus, you will feel the burden of dealing with two lifetimes at once.  You can, therefore, experience inner doubts about your self-worth and your ability to overcome difficulties.  The good news is that your soul knows you have achieved the spiritual maturity required to re-do successfully a lifetime.  You have in prior lifetimes advanced through great personal struggles and sacrifices.  Now, as you learn to flow with SATURN’s discipline, you will be rewarded with enormous wisdom.  SATURN is comfortable in RETROGRADE motion, and as you flow with it, you develop the capacity to tap into all of your past life wisdom and talents.  SATURN RETROGRADE is a sign of an old Soul who has advanced far on the spiritual path.Now, you have incarnated to perfect what you have learned.

PARENTS:  your SATURN RETROGRADE child is likely to possess a serious nature and to feel overly responsible.  You can assist your child by incorporating regular periods of play into the daily schedule.  You might need to reassure this child that until he/she grows into adulthood, you will be the parent while he/she enjoys being the child.  Self-discipline learned through play can be effective.  Competitive sports may overload the child with the need to be responsible and do well for his/her team.  Individual sports, such as swimming, track, and tennis may be more helpful.  Observe your child and follow your intuitive guidance.  Sculpture, sewing, and woodworking can be playful ways to satisfy the SATURN need to build structures.

SATURN RETROGRADE KARMA – the re-doing of a lifetime, with the extra weight that entails.  SATURN RETROGRADE will be serious about getting it right this time.


Retro Saturn in Natal Chart

  • Leads the native to consequences of previous lives’ decisions towards unfinished stuff  / ambitions in this lifetime. It represents the neglect of responsibilities in the past or previous life for lack of self-awareness and honesty. The responsibilities ignored or avoided in the past are the clear indicators with the quality of Sign in which the Saturn is posited in retrogression in the current life. (For example – retro Saturn in Leo – related to leadership; Cancer – related to feelings / emotions etc)
  • feels inside that they’re never good enough; indulgent outward behavior may mask inner feelings of inadequacy; * hides fears;  over-disciplines self to keep from getting out of control
  • it’s likely that you are constantly in conflict with authority. Either you feel persecuted by those who work above you or you are a person currently mismanaging your power position. Setting limitations and learning the levels to which others may be pushed are matters with which you must take issue. You are afraid of the risk needed to address the powers that be, but the rewards will be great if you can learn to gain more control in this part of your life. Patience will also be a lesson.
  • these people need to teach themselves to say NO, to set boundaries, to learn exactly what is expected of them, and to learn an accurate sense of responsibility. They need to go out into the world and stake out their own boundaries, fight that invisible barrier they create for themselves. There can be much anxiety in responsibility situations because they do not know how far they can go before their chain begins to choke them. This can cause problems WITH responsibilities due to the self-doubt engendered about when they can actually be permitted to say NO.
  • During previous lives, native may have struggled with issues of authority or limitations; abused his position of power or exploited weaker; cruel towards people, even by restricting them physically or imprisoning them; denial of help towards the others in need, while also victimizing and using weaker people. During the present lifetime, Retro Saturn forces native to repay such debt through hard physical work or a struggle for survival, while also serving the elders.
  • Karmic limitation or prison life situation for serving the elders in terms of  sacrifice, energy etc; It makes one lazy and indulgent – dark side of Jupiter
  • Difficulty in expressing love and affection; Karmic distortion of personality with huge ego, lack of faith, tender / fragile emotions, insecurity in love etc
  • a retrograde Saturn makes a person stronger in difficulties. He can endure and persist in his quests more than others, and the wounds that life delivers affect him less. Especially if the planet is well-aspected, the native’s robustness can be of a unique nature.
  • cruel behaviors for repressed feelings and lack of love; tough and arrogant rebellious against authority (which is also an illusion); reserved, alone, shy and introverted, seeking voluntarily isolation etc
  • on the outside, they are stoic. Inwardly, a bundle of nerves and worry. This can sometimes manifest as a rigidity or need to micromanage things. They’re not paranoid, per se, but they want to feel in control of something
  •  Native is extremely introspective, conservative, frugal and serious. They are teachers who have brought much knowledge with them from past incarnations and are happy to share that knowledge with others. They are minimalists and overly disciplined, oftentimes to an extreme. Saturn direct is restrictive, but Saturn retrograde often causes you to feel even more restricted. Consequently, you become frustrated when unable to bring to fruition, plans on which you’ve spent years developing. Yet Saturn also provides the tenacity and meticulousness required to bring those plans to culmination. However, allowing yourself to ‘go with the flow,’ and not resist lessons, you will ultimately experience the peace you seek.
  • self doubt about your reputation, career and your self-image in general. You could react in a childish manner because of your fear of rejection from others.
  • Saturn retrograde allows the positive benefits to come through much easier than in Direct Motion, allowing the person to reach success’s in the area that Saturn lies in their chart, without withholding  – It at all native fixes his past life debts through course corrections and adaption
  • In previous life cycles one was not able to regulate one’s relation to figures of authority in a constructive manner. One may have been too overwhelmed by other people’s status or social influence or might have completely disregarded societal norms of success or propriety.

Retrograde Saturn in Various Houses (Natal Chart)
Ascendant (1st House) : lack of flexibility in the previous life – so will have problems with ego and needless rigidity in his dealings / behavious. He has to be cautious and develop flexibility to adjust in different situations.
2nd House: highly materialistic, emphasizing solely on possession on self-centered / selfish attitude in past life. In this life, Saturn will enable the native to manage and set side sizeable earning by way of accumulation only with great struggle. Initial poverty, denials, limitations, disappointments; more effort will have to be expended in order for the native to accumulate any degree of an estate or material security till native learns the value system
3rd House: Avoidance of responsibility concerning brothers and sisters, communication with others in past life for lack of mental attitude;  In this life – additional burden / responsibility towards siblings etc notwithstanding his capacity.
4th House: Avoidance of responsibility concerning mother, education, residence etc and neglected / abused human feelings in past life.In this life additional burden / responsibility towards home and surroundings notwithstanding his desire or capacity

5th House: Avoidance of responsibility related to children, lack of purva-punya bhagya, curtailed creative ability etc for selfish approach in past life. In this life –  denial of children, limited progeny or disabled child etc leading to additional burden in this lifetime towards children.

6th House: Avoidance of responsibility towards public / society at large and displeasure of the public, due to his negligence in past life. In this life – will be aloof, confined, isolated etc
7th House:  Avoidance of responsibility related to spouse, partner etc for lack of faith in past life resulting into pending carnal and material desire carried forward in this life.
8th House: A neglected pursuit of  higher / spiritual knowledge and /or misused / abused
knowledge, misused other’s money in past life; Karmic debts to be paid in this life for such abuse.
9th House: Disrespect for dharma, dogmatic approach towards religion and philosophy
resulted in religious persecution, violence and cruelty in past life; Abuse of any knowledge in the current life

10th House: Avoidance of responsibility and neglecting job / karma in past life; Trouble from trusted quarters in any walk of life, particularly in profession or job in this life
11th House: Immoral / illegitimate gains in past life causing wrath in this life such as  forced excessive working without adequate compensation,  humiliation at the hands of superiors etc
12th House:  in past lifetimes, the person was too conservative and tended to seclude himself from the problems of the world. The Zodiacal sign in which the retrograde Saturn is posited shows that those particular Zodiacal qualities were ignored or misused. Each individual has the obligation, through the cons of reincarnations, to develop and manifest the highest qualities of each sign, and thus the retrograde Saturn in the 12th house will always indicate that the native of the chart failed to develop the particular qualities of the sign on the cusp of the 12th house. The native of the chart also repressed soul development and soul qualities. Retrograde in 12th is not bad, especially for a person who live beyond 60. The final departure can be very comfortable and the retrogression adds to this quality.

Sri Malladi Mani is of the opinion that a retrograde planet (Saturn) in Libra and Aquarius is most likely to give beneficial results. If Sun is associated with Retro Saturn in Aquarius ,the beneficial effects are curtailed even though Saturn is placed in Moola trikona part of Aquarius. If Mars is associated with Saturn in Capricorn , it is destined to deliver the malefic results over riding the beneficial nature of Saturn. But Retrograde Saturn behaves as it were to be Mars and this fact has to be taken into consideration when the final results are being assessed.


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